Fantasy 360 Technologies Announces Uncontained and Uncontained/OS Hardware and Software platforms for building the Physical Metaverse

Fantasy 360 Technologies is excited to announce that UNCONTAINED VR attraction has moved out of Beta and into production development.

The Company reveals its plans to build the physical Metaverse bridging the virtual world with the physical. A vital connection for the Out-of-Home Entertainment industry to the Metaverse

The UNCONTAINED attraction will serve as the company’s first hardware platform for building physical experiences in the Metaverse

The Company reveals plans for its Uncontained/OS software platform which today powers the Uncontained hardware platform, and will allow brands, operators, and partners to leverage its software to build physical and real world social experiences in the Metaverse

Fantasy 360 Technologies Inc. dba Immersive Tech (“Fantasy 360” or “Immersive Tech” or the “Company”), is excited to announce that its highly anticipated standalone hyper-immersive Virtual Reality (VR) attraction UNCONTAINED has moved out of Beta development and into production. The release of the Production model signals the introduction of the Company’s flagship hardware offering as part of its commitment to build the physical Metaverse for the Out-Of-Home Entertainment industry.

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The UNCONTAINED standalone attraction will be powered by the Company’s proprietary Operating System, Uncontained/OS. Uncontained/OS is the key software component in bridging physical real world location-based social entertainment with Metaverse virtual world experiences.

Uncontained/OS brings the company’s proprietary technology stack, which it has developed over the past 4-years, under one platform which connects the UNCONTAINED virtual experiences to the physical hyper-immersive effects which include control of both broad and fine scope haptics, atmospherics, aroma, climate effects, as well as interactive control inputs, headphone-free spatial audio, 5G interconnectivity and more. Uncontained/OS will be the platform enabling anyone to build Physical Metaverse experiences, providing impactful and realistic experiences not possible in a home environment. These experiences will eventually extend into not just gaming entertainment, but also enterprise training, marketing and brand experiences, as well as defense related projects.

“The Metaverse will be driven by social experiences which are at the core of the Out-Of-Home Entertainment industry, and where real world social entertainment will always be important. We envision a future where consumers will want to meet their friends and family in physical entertainment locations which will offer a blending of physical reality with the ability to be teleported to worlds beyond belief with hyper-immersive realism that can’t be done at home,” said Fantasy 360 Technologies CEO Tim Bieber. “Our Hardware and Software platforms are the basis for our Uncontained hardware product, which is our first step into building these experiences for brands and operators of all kinds.”

In Summer 2021 the company recruited two of the most influential leaders in the Metaverse space in its bid to build the Physical Metaverse.

Alvin Graylin is President of HTC China and the President of the Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance. “As the world reopens after the pandemic shutdown, the need for high fidelity location-based VR experiences for consumers and businesses will surge. Immersive Tech’s unique smart-container solution, built with HTC VR devices, guarantees a top quality full haptic experience with rapid deployment and low setup costs. That’s a killer combination that the market will appreciate,” said Alvin Graylin, HTC China President

Cathy Hackl is known as the “Godmother of the Metaverse” and the go-to tech futurist and Metaverse strategist. She has held senior roles with major tech brands including HTC VIVE, Magic Leap and Amazon Web Services and is the current CEO of Futures Intelligence Group. “The convergence of physical and virtual will need a physical entry portal to the Metaverse and I am excited to help guide UNCONTAINED and the F360 team to enter the Metaverse,” said Cathy Hackl.

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The team behind Fantasy 360 Technologies is a blend of accomplished executives coming together under CEO, Tim Bieber (BroadbandTV, CBS Interactive), Director of Franchise Development, Steven Dooner (The VOID, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios Japan), Kevin Williams (Walt Disney Imagineering, Spider Entertainment), Dan Burgar (VRAR Association President, Shape Immersive), Lance Priebe (co-founder Club Penguin, Disney Interactive) as well as its Directors Alvin Wang Graylin (HTC China President, Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance President) and Cathy Hackl (CEO of Futures Intelligence Group, Metaverse Strategist, & Tech Futurist).