UNCONTAINED Hyper-Immersive VR Experience Now Officially Live at Vancouver’s PNE Amusement Park

XR Immersive Tech Inc. is thrilled to announce the successful installation & launch of the company’s UNCONTAINED hyper-immersive VR attraction at the PNE in Vancouver. As the first client installation, the Company is very pleased with initial reception and looking forward to exhibiting the installation to prospective clients in a real world environment.

As previously announced on June 21st, 2022 (see release here), the Company has brought its UNCONTAINED VR product from idea to production and delivery to the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), Canada’s oldest amusement park in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Following the successful installation and PNE staff training session, which was completed 24-hours after delivering to the PNE grounds, the attraction was officially opened to the general public on July 8th, 2022 for the soft opening weekend. XR Immersive Tech has collected the following details from the weekend through an exit survey:

  • 135 tickets sold over the soft launch weekend
  • 100% of guests surveyed reported they loved the experience and would do it again
  • 100% of guests also reported they would recommend UNCONTAINED to a friend to experience for themselves.

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The UNCONTAINED experience is brought to life and powered by the Company’s proprietary Uncontained/OS operating and control systems which seamlessly connect the virtual game to an impressive array of physical effects, bridging the digital virtual world to the real world in a way that elevates the player experience like never before. Here’s just a small list of some of the tech highlights featured in UNCONTAINED and enable the innovation in physical and environmental haptic effects:

  • 200 physical and environmental effects including hands on physical controls, heat & cool effects, rumble motion floor, air blasts, scent and audio effects
  • 5,000 feet of Cat6 cable connecting over 500 I/O terminal ports controlling physical and environmental effects
  • 10 amplifiers & 32 speakers powering the first-ever headphone-free spatial ambient audio XR experience
  • 8 Powerful Computers Possessing RTX 3080 Graphic Cards with Core I9 Alienware Processors
  • 6 HTC VIVE Pro wireless VR headsets for premium backpack-free free-roam experience
  • 4 Ultraviolet light cleansing devices to ensure safe and hygienic player experience
  • 3 onboard high efficiency HVAC cooling & heating units for perfect temperature control

“From the very beginning of our pre-production phase we had a singular goal in mind: elevate virtual reality from where it is today to something that will inspire, engage, and amaze every person who tries it. To see UNCONTAINED finally being enjoyed by the public and hearing the overwhelmingly positive feedback of how much the efforts have lined up and exceeded expectations has been wonderful. This is a huge milestone for the company, team, and UNCONTAINED and we are excited to start getting interested parties in to experience this next-generation hyper-immersive attraction for their entertainment centers.” said XR Immersive Tech CEO Tim Bieber

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