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Vaki Games Finds New Breakthrough for Easily Creating VR Content

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Vaki Games, a Specialist in VR, Released Their First Unity Plugin Cinext VR Runtime Editor

Everyone working in the VR space knows how challenging and often tedious the process is to compose VR movies in a 2D space. Always switching between desktop and VR. With Cinext this is no longer a problem. Vaki Games, a specialist in VR, released their first unity plugin Cinext VR runtime editor. Cinext VR Runtime Editor is simple and easy to use tool that allows you to edit your scene geometry in VR.

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Now you can intuitively edit real-time material in the VR space. No need to switch between your desktop and VR headset. Modify the environment, effects, lights and physics in VR play mode. You will always see what’s really happening in the VR space. No blind spots. Focus on storytelling.

VR development made easy. Edit real-time material in the VR space:

  • Flexible and collaborative workflows help you get the highest quality results – fast.
  • Modify the environment, effects, lights and physics in the VR space
  • Releases more time to focus on creating high-quality immersive experiences
  • One of series of useful tools with more coming soon!

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Los-Angeles based Emmy award-winning visual effects supervisor and technical director, Allan McKay, saidVaki’s CEO has been part of our Live Action Series course and I’m proud and frilled to see the release of VR content creation toolset Cinext and believe this will be a game changer for those of us creating VR content.”.

Vaki makes games and provides professional services to clients outside of the games industry, consulting on the application and adoption of virtual reality technology, supporting the design and development of VR. Vaki was established after winning an innovation competition in 2016. The team combines UK and Finnish games industry veterans and fresh young talent, creatives, 3D graphics artists, software engineers and experienced business advisors.

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