Yamaha today announced Piano AR, a new and innovative web-based piano shopping experience that allows customers to visualize true-to-life model scaling and detailing for renowned acoustic pianos from Yamaha.

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As the first of its kind fully web-based AR tool for placing an acoustic piano in the home, it’s now never been easier to envision the piano of your dreams. The process of finding and purchasing the right size and finish piano can be complex and time-consuming, which can make the shopping experience difficult and stressful. Yamaha developed this easy-to-use tool for customers to help them find the right piano for them without even having to leave their homes.

“Previously, customers seeking large pianos were having to physically measure out a space with paper and their imagination,” Alex Rodas, Piano Marketing Manager, Yamaha Corporation of America said. “As the need for remote and digital shopping experiences continues, we’re excited to give customers an engaging, informative way to find the perfect fit for their space.”

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The immersive experience is tailored to each individual user, offering realistic shadows and lighting. iOS users can actually listen to how the piano would sound by tapping on the keys after digitally placing the product in their space.

Currently, the Yamaha Piano AR experience can be accessed on any Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox browser support and is compatible with iOS or Android mobile devices and features U1 PE, U1 PM, U3, U3 PW, YUS5, GB1K, C1X, C2X, C3X models.

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