Advice Local Adds Conversational Voice App Technology To Product Suite

Advice Local is pleased to announce the launch of their voice app solution for businesses. Creating a voice app enables a business to provide a conversational experience on devices powered by Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Creating a voice app for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant has never been easier!
Creating a voice app for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant has never been easier!

This voice app integration within Advice Local’s technology further demonstrates their commitment to providing superior solutions for their agency and brand partners.

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Advice Local sets themselves apart from other voice app providers by automatically creating answers to the common questions a consumer may ask. Their solution supports adding custom questions and answers, plus features such as a Welcome Message. Listen to an example of their voice-enabled conversational app.

Advice Local partners can create a voice-enabled application in an instant. App approvals expected in 3 days or less. Once live, changes to the voice app can be made in real time.

“Advice Local’s platform is the preferred solution for hundreds of agencies and some of the world’s top brands,” said Bernadette Coleman, Advice Local CEO. “Adding a conversational voice app’s solution to our voice search feature set was a natural next step.”

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Devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are integrated into consumers’ daily lives, with more than 3.25 billion voice assistants in use today according to Statista.

It’s about more than providing the business’ phone number or address via voice. Through their voice app’s, businesses can speak directly about their products and services.

Advice Local is offering one of the most powerful combinations in voice today. Coupled with the strength of Advice Local’s listing distribution solution, consumers will be able to interact with a business, whether they are searching via desktop, mobile or voice.

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