All About Jazz And Gupshup Launch Bix… The Jazz Bot

A jazz bot you say? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Please explain.

We will.

All About Jazz and Gupshup—the leading bot developer—have created a nimble bot that doubles as All About Jazz’s friendly concierge to help you find jazz content you value most. It also learns from your interactions with it and refines its recommendations until you are simpatico with “Bix.”

Yes, “Bix the bot” is highly intelligent, adapts to your needs, and maintains a 24-7 work schedule to provide prompt and friendly assistance.

But can he improvise?

Thanks to our good friends at Gupshup, Bix will act as your guide to everything jazz and will provide yet another gateway to our website not seen since our recently launched stream page.

Available from All About Jazz’s Facebook page (click the “Message” button) or from the footer of every All About Jazz and Jazz Near You page (click Jazz Bot), using Bix couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to download an app—all you need is a Facebook account.

“Bix is a convenient way to get the stories and news our readers value most,” said Michael Ricci, founder and publisher of All About Jazz. “Whether it’s album reviews, live reviews, or interviews, Bix is your personal guide and takes you on a deep dive into our website.”

All About Jazz readers can launch Bix by searching “All About Jazz” in the Facebook Messenger bot directory, and then begin chatting with him to access the most recent articles and audio content. Bix learns a user’s preferences over time, and will “forget” old preferences based on how often the user interacts with him.

Upon launching Bix, click on any of our subject blocks: Reviews, Articles, News, and more. Once he grasps your preferences, he’ll surprise you with a recommendation.

“Consumers are looking for new ways to explore and engage with new and recognizable artists and content, and publishers are likewise looking for ways to retain and attract new readership,” said Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup. “Chatbots are the future of consumer engagement, and we’re excited to work with All About Jazz to make their content accessible and available on-demand.”

As you read more and more using the bot, it automatically adjusts to your tastes and interests to ensure that you’re getting articles sent to you that you actually care about. The cool part is that all of this is done without you having to select anything.

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