Tellables Launches Virtual Human Storytellers at 2019 Alexa Conference

Tellables, a publisher of voice apps, is set to launch virtual human storytellers at The Alexa Conference. The digital characters, which tell original stories and understand spoken language, will be on display at the Alexa World’s Fair in Chattanooga, TN from January 15–19, 2019.

Virtual human storytellers are an addition to the current Tellables lineup of conversational, voice first story apps. Amy Stapleton, CEO and founder of Tellables, explained consumers with Alexa-enabled devices can access audio stories by Tellables by saying “Alexa, open my box of chocolates” and “Alexa, open Tricky Genie.”

Virtual human storytellers, Stapleton added, offer a new dimension on the conversational story experience. “When you see the storyteller talking and using gestures for emphasis, you almost feel like you’re engaging with a real person. It’s a more compelling experience than simply hearing a voice coming from a smart speaker.”

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Employing a combination of the latest technologies, virtual human storytellers can:

  • Speak using a human voice
  • Understand spoken language
  • Respond to questions and commands

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Tellables uses Amazon Sumerian, a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality software, to bring virtual storytellers to life. The storytellers can be viewed on platforms that support Sumerian, including a subset of popular mobile devices, browsers, and VR/AR headsets.

With virtual personalities gaining viral popularity, such as singer Hatsune Miku and Instagram influencer Lil Miquela, virtual human storytellers may be the next wave of digital celebrities. Stapleton explained that as people grow accustomed to talking to AI-generated non-humans, they will prefer to engage with the ones who have the best stories to tell.

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