Kika Tech Sweeps Four Innovation Awards at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

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Company Ventures into the Automobile Sector with KikaGo, a Driving Assistant Which Will Revolutionize How People Communicate on the Road

Kika Tech, who revolutionizes communications with AI technology, announced that it has been awarded four 2018 CES Innovation Awards, which is rare for any start-up in its first year of U.S. market expansion. Kika Tech secured awards in the following categories: Smart Home, Software and Mobile Apps, In-Vehicle Audio/Video, and Tech for a Better World for its newest product KikaGo. Products awarded in this prestigious program are honored for outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge consumer electronics technology across all product categories.

KikaGo will be demonstrated at Pepcom’s Digital Experience on January 8, 2018, at the Mirage Hotel. Kika Tech’s mission is to revolutionize communications with AI. One of the most innovative products at CES 2018, KikaGo, is a driving assistant with industry-leading voice recognition in combination with the world’s first noise cancellation smart mic, which is built into a charging cable. With KikaGo, the company ventures into the automobile sector, enabling users to have truly hands-free communications via speech recognition. Users can navigate to the nearest restaurant, schedule an event on the go, and listen to music, without taking their hands off the wheel.

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KikaGo is the only in-car voice app that supports multiple messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, SMS, etc. Powered by its AI technology, KikaGo gives users a truly hands-free communications driving experience. Transportation partners also benefit from KikaGo. Kika Tech will build and launch a customized app for its partners to give drivers a truly hands-free experience, that will, in turn, make driving more efficient and safer.

Kika Tech Sweeps Four Innovation Awards at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show
Tami Zhu

“This is a special time for Kika, as we are celebrating this momentous achievement of winning four CES Innovation awards with the introduction of our newest product – KikaGo for the automotive sector. We are proud that our breakthrough AI technology, which is a combination of image and voice recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning for mobile communications is being recognized by CES. Innovation and AI are fundamental to Kika Tech, and to be recognized by CES for our relentless pursuit of innovative design and engineering is truly an honor,” said Tami Zhu, General Manager, Kika Tech.

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Kika’s AI Technology 

Kika addresses all three purposes of human communications: sharing information; sending requests and having it fulfilled, and expressing emotional feelings. Kika is well-positioned and has proven itself a leader in the AI space by leveraging three necessary factors to make it a true and sustainable AI company, including a large global volume of training data, AI technology, and compelling use cases. Incorporating image and voice recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning, Kika Tech’s vision is for individuals to connect much more efficiently, engaging in meaningful conversations.

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