OneEvent’s Predictive Analytics Prove Significant ROI

After 5 months, OneEvent Technologies Thermo Heartbeat™ has shown significant return on investment (ROI) in real-world applications.

The OneEvent® system provides remote, wireless monitoring through a cellular gateway, collecting data from door and temperature sensors (including ultra-cold). Data is stored and analyzed in the cloud to verify that conditions are normal. When conditions exceed pre-set parameters, alerts are sent to one or more mobile devices.

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Utilizing predictive analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology, OneEvent also predicts the potential breakdown of refrigerators and freezers to further safeguard food and medical inventory including COVID-19 vaccine.

In April of 2021, OneEvent began providing customer alerts based upon its patent-pending predictive analytics. The Thermo Heartbeat™ analyzes temperature variation during normal use including warming, cooling and defrost cycles. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, the OneEvent® system can detect whether a refrigerator or freezer will have issues maintaining proper temperature and will predict if a unit’s temperature will go above or below its pre-set limits weeks in advance of doing so.

OneEvent reviewed data from the period during which the analytic platform was active and interviewed clients who received the advance notice and had their refrigeration units serviced prior to the temperature going out of the acceptable range. Based upon the data, OneEvent clients who were alerted to potential breakdowns and secured service in a timely fashion showed significant ROI, which more than paid for the cost of the OneEvent equipment and a full year of the OneEvent service.

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