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Crypto Night Chose to Take the Educational Route by Offering an Informative Side Stage

Kicking July off with a bang, The Blockchain Hub hosted a full-housed crypto meet at 9 Temasek Boulevard – an address most are already familiar with as Asia’s blockchain sanctuary. Singapore’sleading blockchain advisories, Talenta and BlockConnectors, were the brains behind the eventful meet that was driven by parallel visions of creating an all-inclusive platform for blockchain education and stimulation.

From left: Leonard Tan (Developer Relations, Ethereum Foundation), Jeremy Seow (Managing Partner, Chainrock), Jack Chia (Business Development Director, Huobi), Maxwell Stein (Blockchain Business Architect, Consensys). (PRNewsfoto/Talenta)
From left: Leonard Tan (Developer Relations, Ethereum Foundation), Jeremy Seow (Managing Partner, Chainrock), Jack Chia (Business Development Director, Huobi), Maxwell Stein (Blockchain Business Architect, Consensys). (PRNewsfoto/Talenta)

For a cryptocurrency event, the evening was an unconventional one considering the impressively diverse range of topics covered. While most blockchain meets are hosted to drive exposure for mercantile projects, Crypto Night chose to take the educational route by offering an informative side stage that ran simultaneously in addition to the usual corporate pitches over by the main studio. Its organizers understood that the 200-strong crowd were unique individuals who came from a myriad of backgrounds and it is only through offering varied content that engagement can be maximized.

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Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones

“We understand that there is interest in ICOs and in blockchain projects. However, we also understand that there is a role to play to educate the business community about Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Last night we offered several sessions to demystify Blockchain for those that are new to it. Events like this one are necessary for ongoing health of blockchain.”

Eleanor Jones, CGO, TALENTA

While pitches housed at the main stage proved to be remarkable with promising ideas and innovations, content shared on the side stage packed just as much of a punch. Topics covered during the 4-hour run addressed diverse perspectives, ranging from a basic introduction into blockchain technology, to regulatory outlook of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), and privacy issues in view of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

When it came to the most prominent takeaways of the night, many agreed on the same: prime connections can be built through a gathering of such scale. With a reasonable proportion of the crowd made up by influential industry figures and high-profile representatives, attendees had ample opportunity to meet business developers from the likes of Ethereum Foundation, Huobi, Consensys, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange and many others through spontaneous mingling.

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“Crypto Night was a great collaboration between BlockConnectors and Talenta. The experienced and well-connected team put together an evening of all things crypto featuring well-known representatives from the industry. The event catered to a group of Project Owners, Investors and Blockchain Enthusiast, and delightfully saw a huge turnout from the respective groups. This is just the beginning of more Crypto Nights as the team strives to make it a sought-after event for the Crypto Community in Singapore and beyond.”

Sinlin, Event Marketing Director, BlockConnectors

Representatives from both Talenta and BlockConnectors agreed that this event was an effective platform for gathering people within the blockchain community; as well as fostering strong synergies through the networks built. Following the success of the event, key representatives have expressed interest in progressing Crypto Night into a monthly affair at The Blockchain Hub.

Stay tuned to find out more.

Pitch Lineup


Balanc3 (backed by Consensys) has built a cryptocurrency accounting platform. Balanc3 helps you monitor, track, and automate your digital asset finances. They have been working in stealth for over a year to build out a blockchain-based accounting platform. They have more than over 15 cryptocurrency companies using their services now.


SYMPHONY is the next-generation blockchain platform to empower a data-driven economy. Committed to data of the people, by the people, for the people, SYMPHONY has a vision to

create an ecosystem that unlocks personal data for fairer value redistribution and smarter data intelligence. The origins of SYMPHONY come from both a belief in rewarding individual users, backed by deep experience in advanced data mining techniques and a solid technical design.


Spokkz is a constructively disruptive force and is a powerful complement to the traditional model for the entertainment production industry. SPOKKZ invites the ultimate consumer of programs to support artists of their choice for creative challenges.

Reefic Protocol

Reefic Protocol is an integrated exchange habitat that links consumers, hospitality businesses and loyalty program providers together. It is a decentralized platform where customers have the fluidity and security of exchanging reward points and vouchers across multiple loyalty programs and selected cryptocurrencies.


AllRites is the first global B2B and B2C Media Ecosystem for content rights built on Blockchain technology. It scales trade among content producers and buyers, funding of creative ideas and direct streaming to consumers. AllRites is a fully functional Marketplace — making discovery, negotiation and closure of a rights package quicker, easier and safer. Operational since July 2017, the AllRites Marketplace has amassed over 17,000 hours of content; making it the largest online marketplace repository of Asian broadcast content.


LatiChain is creating the next generation decentralised financial platform, disrupting large financial institutions monopolising cross-border transactions. Through establishing a dynamic blockchain infrastructure that support the use of digital real assets and sidechain solution, LatiChain Protocol aims to eliminate high transaction fees and payment inefficiencies within our current traditional network system.

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