Expanding Google Cloud Skills with Cloud With Me

Classes Available Within the Platform Equip Users with a Range of Technical Skills to Use Google Cloud More Effectively

In May 2018 Cloud With Me announced its official partnership with Google Cloud, one of the primary providers of cloud services in the world.

When it comes to cloud platforms, Google Cloud is certainly one of the most comprehensive out there. But, it isn’t just great as a cloud solution. There’s a lot more to benefit from the Google Cloud Platform, such as expanding your skillset.

Classes available within the platform equip users with a range of technical skills to use Google Cloud more effectively. Through Cloud With Me’s partnership with Google Cloud, users have the opportunity to stay updated on the latest trends and requirements.

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Courses are designed to offer training ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. Training occurs via virtual, live, and on-demand options. Skills and expertise in the various aspects of Google Cloud are validated through certification.

Some of the courses offered as part of the Google Cloud Training program include:

Cloud Infrastructure

For IT professionals, this track will help users to learn how to implement, deploy, migrate, and even maintain applications in cloud systems.

Data and Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future and this track helps prepare users for that future. Designed with data professionals in mind, it focuses on aspects such as the designing, analyzing, optimizing, and building of big data solutions.

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Application Development

Interested in learning how to develop software programs in the cloud? This is the perfect track, especially for those in the field of software engineering or application programming.

Gilad Somjen
Gilad Somjen

“At Cloud With Me we want to remove existing barriers to make cloud hosting more accessible to everyone,” said Gilad Somjen, Co-founder and CEO of Cloud With Me.

Asaf Zamir
Asaf Zamir

Based in the tech hub of Dublin, Ireland, Cloud With Me recently announced an official partnership with Google Cloud, a premium cloud services provider. Cloud With Me is growing its team in the Irish capital as demand for cloud computing services grow.

“We take on only the best and brightest people,” says  CTO Asaf Zamir. “Dublin is considered to be a high-tech centre with a lot of unique talent in our space, so we can recruit top-notch personnel.”

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