airfocus has added new insights functionality to its modular product management platform that allows for more effective capturing of customer feedback relating to products.

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It’s never been more important for product-based companies to factor in customer feedback when planning and developing new products

Customer feedback from email, chat, support, and other channels is captured in one centralized and organized inbox and can then be turned into helpful insights for product managers. Feedback can be linked to ideas and opportunities to inform product development and allows the organization to keep customers at the center of its products.

“It’s never been more important for product-based companies to factor in customer feedback when planning and developing new products,” said Malte Scholz, CEO, airfocus. “Whether it’s technology, consumer electronics, FMCG, or another type of product, customer feedback is an essential part of product management and integral to the delivery of better products. Insights make the capture and analysis of feedback infinitely easier and more effective.”

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airfocus is the market’s first and only modular product management platform, specifically tailored for product teams. It is used by customers including IBM, Shopify, and hundreds of SMEs, all attracted by airfocus’ flexibility and modularity that enable product teams to work precisely the way they need.

The launch of insights adds to the existing airfocus functionality, which includes modules focused on product strategy, roadmaps, prioritization, and release planning. Insights allows for greater transparency when managing customer feedback, and the platform enables easier communication with customers when keeping them informed about product developments.

“Feedback should be a cornerstone of product management, but it can be hard for product managers to focus and keep out the surrounding noise,” continued Malte Scholz. “Having one centralized place to manage this makes it easier to identify trends and extract insights, and to keep on top of fresh inputs as and when they arrive. Listening to customers is key to addressing problems with a product and shows a customer-centric approach that is so vital for any product-focused organization in 2021 and beyond.”

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