RRD Solution Seamlessly Connects Online and Offline Customer Journeys

DX Attune by RRD supports digital transformation and maximizes ROI of print and digital experiences

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, a leading global provider of marketing and business communications, today announced the launch of DX Attune by RRD, a consultative marketing and communications solution that helps brands connect the dots between customers’ online and offline experiences. This new offering leverages RRD’s combined visibility into digital and print data to solve one of the greatest challenges for today’s marketers: delivering hyper-personalized and seamless customer experiences at scale with unprecedented speed.

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“With DX Attune, digital transformation almost becomes the byproduct of what we’re helping brands achieve”

Across retail and grocery, automotive, travel and hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and more, brands are embracing digital transformation to both enhance the customer experience and maximize the ROI of their marketing spend. However, in this consumer-driven era of now, keeping pace is often stifled by rapidly evolving technology platforms, siloed data, disconnected customer journeys, large financial investments, and multiple vendors to manage.

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To overcome these obstacles, DX Attune by RRD provides a single point of access to an interconnected network of established services that include digital communications, content creation, personalization, and customer journey mapping. The end result expands traditional customer journeys and creates clear, addressable points of impact that meet customer needs and reduce internal roadblocks to produce measurable outcomes, both online and offline.

“With DX Attune, digital transformation almost becomes the byproduct of what we’re helping brands achieve,” says John Pecaric, President of RRD Marketing Solutions and Business Services. “This solution is not about force-fitting a brand’s customer journey into a digital-first platform. It’s about helping our clients connect their customers’ offline journey with a personalized, richer customer experience built on an existing framework.”

With the help of RRD developers, DX Attune by RRD is driven by a customized approach that reimagines communication touchpoints via a suite of specialized RRD products and services. RRD’s solutions are also platform-agnostic and work in concert with existing systems through API connectivity.

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