Vurvey Launches Vurvey QR, Introduces New Opportunities to Gather Customer Feedback on Platform

Vurvey QR created in response to dramatic increase in QR code use and popularity among consumers

Vurvey, a provider of an innovative co-creation platform, announced the launch of Vurvey QR, a new tool that will increase the opportunities for brands to gather valuable feedback from customers. Integrated with the Vurvey platform, adding QR codes to both physical and digital items is a seamless process.

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“Vurvey QR enables companies to connect with consumers in an entirely new way and it makes it easy to place QR codes on product packaging, instantly turning any product into an opportunity for customer feedback,” said Chad Reynolds, founder and CEO of Vurvey. “Largely driven by the pandemic, QR code use has soared in recent years and has been widely adopted by consumers due to its ability to enhance shopping experiences. We’ve also found QR codes make it significantly easier for customers to provide reviews and feedback.”

QR codes present a wide range of applications and can be implemented both digitally and on physical items, like product packaging and in-store displays. Once scanned, a customer is directed to a Vurvey campaign and can quickly provide video-based feedback, ratings and reviews in an accessible and convenient format.

While Vurvey QR was in beta testing, Vurvey partnered with Force of Nature and Justified Studio to co-create “Call Your Mother” an initiative that empowers individuals to express their feelings on the climate crisis. Call Your Mother launched on the first day of the COP26 Summit and Vurvey QR was used to direct participants to the Vurvey platform where they could record messages expressing thoughts and feelings surrounding the climate change summit and COP26 delegates were also encouraged to join in on the conversation.

“It was an honor to co-create with Force of Nature and Justified to help amplify the voices of so many people concerned about the climate crisis,” said Reynolds. “The climate summit was a valuable opportunity to test Vurvey QR and based on the positive reception, we knew this would be an important tool to roll out to our entire customer base.”

The Vurvey platform creates a collaborative product design process in which companies seek input from customers and their feedback then plays a central role in testing, iteration and go-to-market strategy, from beginning to end. Capturing both video responses to questions and data responses to multiple-choice questions, this kind of immediate feedback allows product teams to gather a richer quality of customer feedback. With the addition of Vurvey QR, the Vurvey platform provides added convenience for customers to submit this type of feedback.

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