EverCommerce To Integrate AllMeds and iSalus Healthcare

Two leading providers of healthcare technology solutions will join forces to bring best-of-breed products to private practices across the U.S.

EverCommerce, the leading service commerce platform and parent company to iSalus, LLC and AllMeds, Inc., announced today that it will integrate the two companies it acquired in late 2018 and early 2019, respectively. By integrating the two companies, EverCommerce will be uniting each company’s complementary offerings in practice management, EHR, medical billing, telehealth, and chronic care management under one organization, building a roadmap for integrated, cloud-based offerings for medical specialties across the U.S.

AllMeds started in 1997, and iSalus Healthcare started 2000, provide healthcare technology solutions for medical specialty practices. iSalus Healthcare specializes in cloud-based EHR, practice management, telehealth and chronic care management solutions for high-performing Urologists and Nephrologists. AllMeds specializes in medical billing services, EHR, and practice management solutions for Otolaryngologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Pain Management providers.

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“We are excited to unite the iSalus team with the AllMeds team to expand our product offering and serve additional medical specialties,” said Michael Hall, President of iSalus Healthcare. “Additionally, we’ll be able to offer our partners in-house medical billing services which we’ve not been able to do in the past. Ultimately, we have a win-win situation where joining forces allows us to deliver additional value to our customers and leverage each team’s complementary expertise. It’s a very appealing growth strategy and we’re thrilled to travel this path with the team at AllMeds.”

“Our companies share the mission to improve the lives of providers and patients, so it makes so much sense to come together to create innovative solutions that speak directly to providers’ individual expectations,” said Sherry Hunt, Co-President of AllMeds. “We’re eager to work closely with iSalus to build a future where our partners will always have their needs met regardless of where technology takes us. It’s an exciting next step in our continued efforts to provide innovative healthcare solutions.”

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As the companies integrate, they will continue to be led by current leadership, and are already showing how the organizations can leverage their combined expertise. iSalus Healthcare, LLC announced earlier this month its new product offering ENTChoice, an EHR, practice management, and billing software built specifically for Otolaryngologists, an expertise specialty for AllMeds, Inc. The new integrated entity will also be expanding its revenue cycle management and chronic care management divisions, opening a new facility in Knoxville, Tennessee during the fourth quarter of the year.

Marketing Technology News: TechBytes with Jeff Meglio, VP of Agency Partnerships at Sovrn

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