Seven Last-Minute Tricks to Get Online Customers on Mother’s Day

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Insights on Mother’s Day Marketing for E-commerce retailers

With Mother’s Day approaching quickly, the online savings expert CupoNation Australia has put together seven crucial things to help online retailers to get ready for Mother’s Day shopping frenzy and attract more customers.

1. Set up a specifically dedicated landing page for Mother’s Day products.

Remind your regular customers about Mother’s Day through the banner on the homepage and create a dedicated page where you can place special offers or gift ideas. It will also improve the website navigation and drive visitors directly to Mother’s Day related products.

2. Create article guides on the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

Keep in mind that many customers shopping for Mother’s Day have no clue what to buy exactly. Why not make their life easier? Create a list of the most-wanted gifts available in your store and suitable for the occasion. On a long-term scale, user activity on that page will send positive signals to Google and improve SEO ranking.

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3. Host a Mother’s Day contest with prizes from your store.

Everyone loves contests. Adding a contest or giveaway to your marketing plan will help you to build a positive brand image and brand awareness. You can also surprise those that don’t win first prize with discount code on the product to increase customer loyalty.

4. Use discount codes to attract savvy shoppers.

Discount codes will give you a massive advantage over savvy deal hunters that check special offers before buying. If they can’t find it in your store, they will simply go to your competitor.

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5. Offer free shipping.

Free shipping is an essential service for a big part of the online shopping community. It’s an extra incentive to choose you instead of a competitor that charges for shipping.

6. Offer special Mother’s Day deals on favorite products.

Do you know the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day? Put some of those items on sale to attract more potential customers. In addition to discounted items, they might buy something at full price too.

7. Be active and engage customers on social media.

Social media is a direct channel to your customers. Don’t forget to promote your great Mother’s Day deals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Post the information about your deals once or twice per day depending on the number of your followers. If you are creative enough, try to go viral on social media to raise brand awareness. Create your own hashtag and a meme or encourage your followers to share information about Mother’s Day contest.

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