Worldleaders 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference (12/13/2019)

The event will feature four speakers that will present on how CEOs and leaders of B2B organizations can improve their sales results by refining their leadership, top-level marketing & sales initiatives, and talent acquisition strategy.

“It’s going to be a really great event,” says Joe Morone, Worldleaders President and Lead Speaker at the 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference. “The team is fired up for it and they love creating actionable content for CEOs and company leaders. Every moment of the presentation will be about what that leader can do to make their organization more competitive in 2020.”

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While the conference is definitely categorized as a Sales and Marketing conference, the targeted audience is not the usual salesperson/marketing manager. It is created for C-Suite executives and will touch on:

  • How to better position your company to the market & your team, develop a high-performing culture, and provide marketing & sales coaching and leadership.
  • The marketing & sales methods and initiatives that should be taken at the company leadership level.
  • The strategy for attracting, hiring, on-boarding, and developing a team of top marketing & sales performers.

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“In the past, we’ve spent a lot of time presenting user-level content. Meaning, we’ve showed the marketing people how to write about and promote their company, showed the salespeople how to build a business case, showed the sales engineering team how to minimize risk in creating a proposal, those sort of topics. We’ve helped around 10,000 B2B salespeople perform better at their jobs – but we’ve also helped over 250 CEOs and their executive teams to implement processes that improve how they compete in their markets. From prospecting for new business by corporate positioning, maximizing the value of existing customers through sales and account leadership, and attracting the top talent in the industry – there’s a lot of good advice that we can offer CEOs at the conference to help them win more sales. This conference is going to showcase how the top 1% of B2B technology company leaders prepare and direct their organizations to penetrate new markets and win more sales.”

In addition to the presentation, the conference will focus on networking as it’s being heavily promoted to B2B technology company leaders. Sponsors of the event currently include the Vistage CEO group and the Rochester Small Business Council.

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