Contify & Fletcher/CSI Partner with SCIP to present a Webinar on Competitive Tracking Systems based on Scenario Planning

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Contify, the AI-enabled market and competitive intelligence solution provider, announced that it will be presenting a webinar in partnership with Fletcher/CSI and SCIP on “Building Competitive Tracking Systems Based on Scenario Planning”. The webinar is meant for business professionals and organizations across industries, who wish to harness scenario planning and market intelligence to prepare for multiple future scenarios in their target markets. It is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 26 May from 11 AM to 12 PM ET.

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Combining competitive intelligence with the science of scenario planning is a well-advised, strategic course of action, which translates to growth.”

— Mohit Bhakuni, the Founder and CEO of Contify

This complimentary webinar will feature Mohit Bhakuni, CEO – Contify, and Erik Glitman, CEO – Fletcher/CSI, along with Meena Almaula, Consultant – TATA Business Excellence Group, and will be moderated by Cam Mackey, Executive Director – SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).

Mohit Bhakuni has spent the last 12 years building Contify, an AI-enabled Market Intelligence Platform, and implementing successful intelligence platforms at leading Fortune 500 enterprises. Erik Glitman has over three decades of experience in consulting and managing key competitive and market insights research to support clients’ strategic planning, sales, marketing, and growth initiatives. Meena Almaula has a strong background in market research, competitive intelligence, and project management and has predominantly worked in the US and UK in consulting, research, and analysis. As the Executive Director of SCIP, Cam Mackey has helped leaders share best practices, and grow their organizations by leveraging competitive intelligence to accelerate growth and make smart strategic choices.

The webinar will guide on how companies can go about building competitive tracking systems using scenario-based forecasting models. The speakers will discuss how to develop scenarios based on current trends across Society, Technology, Economics, Environment, and Politics (STEEP). Throughout the session, real examples of trends, indicators, monitoring, and specific action triggers will be discussed.

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Key topics on the agenda will include:

1) How to develop scenarios?
2) Scenario Planning as a tool to predict future business environments.
3) Importance of tracking early warning indicators
4) How to trigger strategic action in response to events?
5) Case Study: How to deploy a market intelligence system using scenario-based forecasting models

Mohit Bhakuni, Founder & CEO of Contify says- “Knowledge and insights are key when it comes to forecasting the future of the markets. Combining competitive intelligence with the science of scenario planning thus becomes a well-advised, strategic course of action, which translates to growth. At Contify, it has always been our belief that to have accurate foresight, you need accurate insights.”

Erik Glitman, CEO – Fletcher/CSI, says – “Scenario Planning is a powerful tool used to identify future strategic options. Knowing which strategic options to leverage requires primary research and secondary monitoring, which is what Mohit, Meena, and I will discuss in the webinar. Partnering with Contify to share knowledge yet again is a pleasure.”

Meena Almaula, Consultant – Tata Business Excellence Group, says – “A competitive tracking system based on scenario planning ensures that you know the likely scenarios, and when they translate to reality, you are prepared with the right course of action. It’s a delight to share the stage with Mohit and Erik, both erudite leaders in the space of competitive strategy and intelligence respectively. ”

Cam Mackey, Executive Director – SCIP, says – “In this incredibly fast-paced business environment, it’s all about translating insights about your market environment to plan likely scenarios, and then turning them into strategies that deliver growth and strategic advantage. The insights from our speakers – all pioneers in the CI space – are something to look forward to.”

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