SuiteCRM Announce the Release of SuiteCRM 7.11

SalesAgility is pleased to announce a new release of the world’s most popular Open Source CRM – SuiteCRM 7.11. “Thanks to the innovative work of our developers combined with important contributions from our community we continue to advance SuiteCRM’s world class capabilities,” said Dale Murray CEO of SalesAgility. “As the maintainers of SuiteCRM we remain committed to the guiding principles of Open Source that are valued so highly by our customers and community.”

Important new 7.11 features

In addition to ongoing bug fixes, workflow, and other enhancements important new features incorporated into this release include Elasticsearch, and Google calendar synchronisation.


Elasticsearch is an open-source, broadly-distributable, readily-scalable, enterprise-grade RESTful search engine. It provides a highly flexible solution to centrally store and index your data that can be accessed extremely quickly via its API. SuiteCRM will now provide users a faster and more scalable way to perform full text searches via Global Search on larger data volumes than before.

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Google Calendar Synchronisation

Thanks to the generosity of one of our talented community members we now have the ability to include bidirectional Google Calendar synchronisation within core SuiteCRM. Users can authenticate using their Google login and synchronise their meetings between a Google calendar – these include updates, reminders, and invitees.

What is SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is a fully featured, highly flexible, open source CRM, which can be installed on-premise or in the cloud and provides companies with a world class CRM solution to transform their sales, service, and marketing operations.

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What is Open Source

Open Source software provides certain freedoms not normally found in proprietary software. Users have access to the source code of the software which allows them to align it more closely with their business processes. As there are no propriety license fees associated with open source software then the total costs of ownership are considerably less than those associated with proprietary software vendors.


SalesAgility, based in Stirling, Scotland, is the driving force behind SuiteCRM, the world’s most popular Open Source CRM. Powered by a highly skilled team, SalesAgility provides SuiteCRM services that include support, consultancy, custom development, migrations, and training, as well as SuiteASSURED: a fully supported, discrete build of SuiteCRM, with contractual assurances and warranties providing surety to enterprise-class customers and to organisations who operate within compliance driven environments.

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