Tapad Partners with Twine Data to Bring Portable CRM Onboarding Capabilities to Its Cross Device Solution

Marketers Can Now Harness The Tapad Graph In Concert With Twine’s Vetted, Verified TrueData Identity Graph

Tapad, the company reinventing personalization for the modern marketer, announced that it is partnering with mobile data leader Twine Data to bring Twine’s hundreds of millions of deterministic mobile identity connections to The Tapad Graph. Together, the two companies will create one of the largest portable identity graph & CRM onboarding services in the US, through the integration of Tapad’s best in class cross-device capability and Twine’s deterministic identity graph.


“Twine is a respected player in the onboarding space”, said Chris Feo, SVP of Global Data Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at Tapad. “Through Tapad and Twine’s partnership, our clients can now use their first-party CRM data to leverage the full power of The Tapad Graph — fueling a wide range of data-driven marketing use cases, including audience extension, attribution, and personalization.”

At the core of one-to-one marketing and true personalization is identity resolution. For marketers, the ability to accurately and safely connect customer activity across desktop/laptop, mobile, CTV, tablets, as well as CRM and offline touchpoints is ultimately what enables informed and personalized future conversations with each customer. Tapad is known for the precision, accuracy, and scale of its cross device connections, setting them up as an ideal partner for Twine’s TrueData deterministic identity graph.

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“We believe that by combining Tapad’s renowned cross-device connectivity and our deterministic identity graph, marketers will finally be able to seamlessly segment users based on digital and offline behaviors as well as easily distribute those audiences to both DMP and DSP environments for personalized messaging,” said Elliott Easterling, CEO of Twine Data.

With this partnership, Tapad will build a client’s cross-device graph off of identities onboarded by Twine from a client’s offline CRM. The resulting identity graph can either be delivered directly to brands looking to host their own identity graph, or can be leveraged in a managed fashion for marketers looking for simple connectivity of their offline CRM audiences to their DSPs. To date, Twine & Tapad have seen full connectivity rates* for CRM segments from advertisers at between 259 percent and 322 percent at major DSPs.

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