AppBus Extends the Power of Its Digital Business Platform with AppBus Experience Platform – AXP 3.0

AppBus, an enterprise digital business software company that accelerates the pace of transformation; announced the general availability of AppBus eXperience Platform (AXP) 3.0.

AXP represents the only comprehensive digital business platform, that fast-tracks integration to generate end-to-end process automation with secure application delivery.  AppBus eXperience Platform (AXP) leverages existing applications and systems, enabling endless possibilities of reusable and shared services across the digitally driven business ecosystem.

“The proliferation of applications, services, operating systems, edge devices, and hybrid cloud have created an untenable maintenance and innovation dilemma for businesses,” stated Paul Kanevsky, Executive Vice President of Field Operations at AppBus. “Continuous Digital Transformation demands a platform designed to speed up and simplify integration and modernization.  AXP 3.0 truly delivers a digital control plane for the enterprise, enabling seamless integration of applications, data, infrastructure and humans, ecosystem-wide.”

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AXP is a multi-function orchestration platform. It combines and delivers the power of RPA, API management, endpoint management, and Business Process Automation. The modular architecture is comprised of Integration, Container, and Insight Suites. The release introduces significant new capabilities to further simplify integration, deployment and to enhance security.

“Enterprises must always respond quickly to changing customer expectations and the threatening actions of rivals,” said Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “Digital transformation has emerged to exploit new technologies to do so. But getting new technologies to work together can be challenging. Multi-purpose digital automation platforms, like that offered by AppBus, combine the development and integration tools needed to rapidly adapt applications and business processes to react and create new competitive advantage. This combination of capabilities also offers the potential benefit of rationalizing the number of providers involved in the Digital Transformation initiatives.”

AXP 3.0 extends the Integration Suite with additional services capability, expansion of workflow orchestration plus the ability to generate modern user interfaces for any endpoint. The Integration Suite leverages distributed bus architecture as the mechanism to share context, events, workflows and APIs across all enterprise systems.

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New features include:

Services Manager: 

Fully-featured service and micro-service manager with security, throttling, OpenAPI support, and interoperability with other ESBs. The API catalog and manager ensures accelerated contextualized delivery and scalable, secure integration of legacy, modern, and future applications with AXP.

Workflow Manager: 

Provides an orchestration layer that allows for the creation of complex workflows across all RPA tasks and APIs. These workflows are built via a visual editor with a drag-and-drop interface.  Any workflow can become an API endpoint once published into the Services Catalog.

UI Studio 

Ensuring that modernization is simple, easy to deploy, and results in an improved experience, visual UI Studio provides a way to surface existing and new workflows in a modern UI accessible through any AXP end-point.  The drag-and-drop visual editor allows rapid creation of refactored applications that directly leverage services and workflows.

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