Cadi Has Crowdfunded Over $1.3 Million to Develop the first Autonomous Golf Retail Platform

Cadi is on a mission to change the way we shop for golf equipment. The company has built technology that connects golfers with products they need with an efficient retail automation system.

Cadi, the automated technology company that is providing golfers with a custom retail experience has announced that it has raised over $1.3 million with only one week left to invest. Cadi is proving how pandemic-fueled crowdfunding can revive the retail industry by nurturing and supporting the people that matter most: The team and the investors.

When looking for any investment opportunities, it is important to look for and study the company’s leadership to evaluate success and ultimately the direction the executives are taking with their solutions, vision, and objectives.

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Tyler Gottstein, Cadi’s Co-founder and CEO is dedicated to leading his team in transforming autonomous retail technology with e-commerce to provide golfers with a completely unique shopping experience. Cadi’s technology highlights a player’s most prized location, the golf course, to create a network of technology-driven retail kiosks. The platform allows for anyone to demo, compare and purchase golf products directly on the golf course as opposed to in a store.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to offer a personalized selection of products, each investor and each customer has a truly tailored experience which has driven the success of the crowdfunding campaign.  As the pandemic disrupted traditional funding options, more small business owners began looking for alternative sources of funding driven by a community aspect. It has made startups and small businesses more open to crowdfunding and the idea of capital as a commodity.

One of the most difficult tasks when starting a business is raising the capital needed to get to market. During that process, all founders hear mostly No. Most companies never raise the necessary capital to be successful. Crowdfunding is a powerful new option that allows every founder, regardless of background, to raise money purely based on the potential of the business. The best part is that investors are also most likely future customers. Their opinion is more valuable than a traditional value investor.

Cadi investor Ryan Read, says, “there are companies with great ideas, but don’t have the right owner or the right management for success. I believe Tyler knows what he’s doing. I believe in the direction he’s taking with his company and his vision. He’s not going to stop until his company reaches the top”.

Many angel investors and the average investor were skeptical about investing in private sectors online, But suddenly crowdfunding was the only way investors could make these deals, and almost overnight there was full support from the retail investor market.

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