Catchpoint Announces Industry’s First Active Observers for Mobile Edge Compute and AWS Wavelength

Leveraging the new Catchpoint active observers, wireless service providers, and mobile applications developers can now confidently deliver on the low-latency and improved mobile application-performance promise to their customers

Catchpoint, the global leader in digital experience monitoring (DEM), announced support for the active observability of mobile edge and AWS Wavelength zones. With a plan to add further edge compute locations and providers in the future, ultimately creating a separate edge compute observability network, these data sources are a future-proofed enhancement to Catchpoint’s already industry-leading observability network. The new edge observability data sources will arm DevOps teams with the visibility to deliver reliable experiences at the 5G mobile edge, software developers with the insights necessary to optimize their applications for mobile edge compute, and businesses with the ability to innovate at the speed of the ever-growing mobile user base.

“Mobile Edge and 5G are transforming the mobile internet experience for consumers and businesses,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “With our new observational data sources, service and application providers will get the trust and confidence they need to protect their brand and business investments. And IT technologists will get the reliability and innovation capabilities they demand to deliver amazing digital experiences in ways only now possible because of the 5G mobile edge.”

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These new data sources are strategically placed at the mobile carrier edge to expand access to valuable baselining, benchmarking, and monitoring data. Since DevOps, site reliability, and platform engineers and any monitoring strategist will gain insight into the performance and reliability of edge delivery services without the variability of over-the-air noise ratios, they will be able to power a new set of innovative business use cases. These include rich content delivery for wireless infrastructure stadiums, remote compute for low-power IoT devices, the ability to stream smooth content to global audiences or lag-free games for the most demanding gaming experiences.

“5G, often in combination with mobile edge computing, enables enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type internet-of-things communications, and ultrareliable low-latency communications,” wrote Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst at Forrester¹

Traditional agent-based APM or system-centric monitoring have no monitoring reach at the edge; customers are unable to use them to directly make active observations that can address these new emerging use cases. AWS Wavelength is an AWS infrastructure offering optimized for mobile edge computing (MEC) applications. It embeds AWS compute and storage services within communications service providers’ datacenters at the edge of the 5G network. Combined with Catchpoint’s unparalleled digital observability platform, their customers can meet evolving, unrelenting user expectations, which are causing businesses to continually move compute closer to the edge and take advantage of offerings such as Wavelength. These new added data sources are a part of Catchpoint’s continual fulfillment of future-proofing observability strategies to preclude the need for businesses to have to search for new or additional vendors.

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