RevSpring, the leading provider of healthcare financial engagement and payment solutions, today announced a strategic advancement in communication between practices and patients: two-way texting that enables a seamless conversation stemming from automated messaging.

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Patients now can initiate or receive text messages using their own devices. No apps, logins, or passwords are required. Text messages remain in the same thread as automated appointment reminder messages, creating a natural and cohesive conversation between providers and patients.

The new two-way texting feature is available as part of a refreshed portal experience for RevSpring customers using the Talksoft® Appointment Reminder and Patient Messaging solution. The portal’s enhanced notification system allows users to quickly identify incoming messages and manage prompts for action like reschedule requests. It also features detailed views of messaging results—with filtering available by provider, location, appointment date, and messaging status—to provide an intuitive and simple user experience.

“Innovative patient engagement is at the core of RevSpring’s mission,” said Stephen David, vice president of patient messaging at RevSpring. “Two-way texting is an important new communication option for Talksoft customers and their patients. It enables personalized responsive communication using a popular technology that many patients prefer. We’re excited to provide yet another leading-edge patient engagement solution.”

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Two-way texting allows healthcare organizations to connect with their patients through the existing appointment reminder conversation. Patient questions regarding upcoming appointments can be addressed quickly and easily during an efficient text exchange.

These patient-provider conversations are built to enhance the automated pre-service Talksoft patient communications that patients and offices rely on. These include:

  • Intelligent phone, text, and email appointment reminders with automated responses
  • Same-day (just-in-time) text reminders
  • Post-appointment messages, such as one-question patient satisfaction surveys and educational links
  • Reminders to schedule an annual well-check
  • Missed appointment communications that engage patients with targeted messages encouraging them to reschedule
  • On-demand messages for office closures

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