Tethr, the leading AI-powered conversation intelligence platform for listening enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership with Challenger to launch a diagnostic designed to measure agent performance before and during Challenger’s Effortless Experience™ training. The Diagnostic will measure ROI on training programs and help service organizations accelerate agent coaching and performance improvement.

Tethr will also offer Challenger’s world-leading Effortless Experience™ Coaching Effectiveness Survey to customers who want to improve agent performance and customer experience as they leverage Tethr’s conversation insights.

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Published in 2013 by Portfolio, “The Effortless Experience” introduced the concepts of “low-effort” service and the Customer Effort Score to the world and turns conventional wisdom on its head with a fascinating journey on what really makes customers loyal – and disloyal. A must-read for CEOs, CMOs, Chief Customer Officers, as well as customer service and customer experience leaders, “The Effortless Experience” has been described by New York Times bestselling author Dan Heath (Switch, Decisive and Made-to-Stick) as “a business detective story in which cherished truths are systematically investigated—and frequently debunked.”

The diagnostic combines Challenger’s Effortless Experience™ training and certification program with voice of customer insights delivered from Tethr to help organizations measure the adoption of new skills, surface coaching opportunities, and track the effectiveness of training.

With the diagnostic:

  • An automated score is calculated for every interaction using the Tethr Effort Index (TEI) and Agent Impact Score (AIS); Tethr surfaces the top drivers of poor customer service experiences and the impact of agent performance within those interactions.
  • Challenger provides a review and readout of the results to measure the effectiveness of training throughout the course of a program. Leaders can quickly find specific sub-optimal agent behaviors, improving the quality and timeliness of coaching and allowing for effective behavior change.

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TEI is the market’s first machine-learning-based predictive effort score. TEI is an AI-derived metric, which measures the effort for each customer interaction based on more than 300 independent variables and thousands of discrete phrases and utterances. TEI is a composite index that can be used to reduce customer effort, improve rep performance, and benchmark the relative ease of customer experiences.

AIS isolates the specific effort variables attributable to the agent within the interaction itself, excluding drivers that often are uncontrollable factors for the agent. Audio features are paired with 160+ variables examining agent and customer exchanges.

“Adding the power of Tethr’s insights to our Effortless Experience training program will offer immense value to our clients and their teams. This tool will drive more effective behavior change and will speed the time to results, making it a win-win for both the company and the customers they are serving.” Said Lauren Pragoff, SVP of Client Success at Challenger.

“I’m excited about this partnership to further build on the ground-breaking Effortless Experience research that we did while at CEB, now Gartner, and to make it actionable for companies as they invest in training and coaching their agents.” said Matt Dixon, Chief Research & Innovation Officer at Tethr.

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