On Cusp of Apple’s IDFA Changes, iOS App Marketing Interest Soars: Bombora Intent Data Shows Trends

“Roadblocking” was among the most-searched terms recently among brands and agencies, as measured by Bombora Company Surge(R)

Brand marketer interest in “iOS app marketing” has grown considerably in recent weeks. As with most things, the pandemic has had an impact on our consumption habits – and that includes the amount of time spent on mobile devices. Much attention has been paid as of late to the upcoming App Tracking Transparency framework, which will compel developers to get express permission to access the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), starting with the launch of Apple’s iOS 14.5 version, if they want to track and share data for ad targeting purposes.

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“Roadblocking” was among the most-searched terms recently among brands and agencies, as measured by Bombora Company Surge(R). Roadblocks, which take over marquee digital real estate, carry a lot of potential. They’re unlikely to generate a lot of clicks, but an immersive ad experience will create a ton of impressions with your unique audience. This will often combine rich-media elements with advanced streaming technology to create high-visibility content that captures your audience’s attention. Done well, takeover ads can tell a powerful and impressive story in eight seconds or less.

Intent data for “lead matching” was up again this week, as companies ramp up their outbound demand-generation efforts. Lead-matching technologies use AI to match leads to the proper account when they are registered in a system – eliminating repetitive data and duplicate leads. In addition to saving the time and valuable resources otherwise spent in manually matching and routing leads, machine learning and AI-driven tools in the matching process also give businesses cleaner and more accurate data within their CRM platforms. Inaccurate data can be detrimental to loyalty. So it’s vital that the data being extracted and stored is of good quality and high fidelity. Conversely, if the data is incomplete, you run the risk of trying to appeal to too broad an audience — and customer targeting will suffer as a result.

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