TA Digital Launches SearchBoost.ai to Drive Relevancy and Personalization Through Cognitive Search

TA Digital announced its foray into the cognitive search space with its maiden intelligent search solution, SearchBoost.ai. This is the first SaaS product offering by the company.

Website and ecommerce search tools that exist today tend to solve for relevancy by optimizing indexing or results ranking. However, they do not factor in user behavior.

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SearchBoost.ai delivers personalized search results by focusing on the users and their experience. Leveraging user data, SearchBoost.ai serves users with predictive, relevant and personalized search results that cater to the highest clicks and conversions.

SearchBoost.ai works by connecting to both the data source and the search engine in place within the client’s existing infrastructure. It imports user data and search results then trains a Machine Learning model on them to produce better results. Once those results are ready, SearchBoost.ai pushes those results back to the search engine. While SearchBoost.ai can work with any data source or search engine, there is an existing out-of-the-box connectors for Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Adobe Experience Manager and many others in development.

“I am both excited and proud in this strategic launch by TA Digital. SearchBoost.ai is the first offering of its kind that leverages the power of machine learning and the wisdom of user experience to provide the most relevant and personalized search results for users. We have years of experience working with search solutions at TA Digital and SearchBoost.ai is a key puzzle piece in the hunt for better user experience,” said Dr. Ali Alkhafaji, CTO, TA Digital.

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SearchBoost.ai ensures the user experience is both frictionless and relevant to their needs by providing personalized search results. Speaking on the launch, Rajiv Rohmetra, CEO, TA Digital had a few things to say.

“Over the past two decades, TA Digital has grown into a full-service customer experience agency by actively listening to our customers and solving some of their most complex problems. With the launch of SearchBoost.ai, I am very happy that online marketers are finally getting a cognitive search solution that they had been looking for quite some time in the marketplace. We have received roaring feedback from our beta customers and we can’t wait to hear from many more,” said Rajiv.

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