Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Discusses How to Market to Millennials

In order to help businesses adjust their advertising to appeal to key demographics, digital marketing agency fishbat discusses how to market to millennials.

Millennials are a huge market that continues to gain more purchasing power as they mature as a generation. As one of the primary groups spending a significant amount of time online, any comprehensive marketing strategy should include work that caters to this demographic.

Below are just a few of the ways in which a business can market to millennials.

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Create Authentic and Relatable Content. As a generation, millennials are some of the most tech savvy consumers the world has ever seen. With a wealth of information at their fingertips and the skills to pull up expert opinions on pretty much any topic, it can sometimes be difficult to develop marketing that stands out from a sea of other influences in the same market. Millennials as a whole appreciate authentic content that seems as if it could come from their peers. By focusing marketing efforts on content that feels effortless and organic rather than trying to shove traditional ads in their face, companies may see a much larger payoff with this important demographic.

Prioritize Inbound Marketing. While traditional advertising and outbound advertising may be the go-to for older generations, millennials are turned off by pop up ads and even traditional banner advertisements. In order to appeal to this generation, a business needs to try to create informational content like white papers, how-to articles, and videos. As a generation that is very resistant to advertising, a company needs to provide value in order to take advantage of this generation’s purchasing power. It can be a tough generation to crack, but businesses that are able to adjust their marketing in a way that can get by a millennial’s distaste for advertisement will reap the rewards of their efforts.

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Collaboration is Key. Millennials want to feel like their voices are heard, and more than any other generation, it’s important that they feel like their input has value. A business can see an incredible payoff by considering millennials’ opinions and developing future marketing and products with that input in mind. When millennials feel like they are getting a personalized response from a business, they are more likely to spend their limited funds there instead of at a competitor that is unaware of what the market needs. Marketing strategies, and especially those that include user engagement on social media, work best when they ask for collaboration rather than “preaching” to their audience.

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