Digital Realty Introduces New Direct Connections to Google Cloud to Enable Hybrid Network Connections in Five Key Global Metros

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Digital Realty, a leading global provider of carrier- and cloud-neutral data center, colocation and interconnection solutions, announced it has expanded secure, private access to Google Cloud’s global network in five key metros. These new on-ramps will enable direct, high-speed, low-latency connections on Digital Realty’s Atlanta and Los Angeles connected campuses in the U.S. as well as Vienna in Austria and Düsseldorf in Germany. Digital Realty has also added a second direct interconnect to Google Cloud in Frankfurt.

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“Today’s enterprises require more flexibility, scalability and agility to meet the growing demands placed on IT infrastructure and to overcome the barriers posed by data gravity,” said Tony Bishop, SVP, Platform, Growth and Marketing at Digital Realty. “Direct connectivity to Google Cloud helps customers bring their applications, compute, and analytics closer to their data, enabling performance, latency and proximity benefits for hybrid IT deployments. Today’s announcement supports Digital Realty’s overall vision of interconnecting global communities of customers around their most strategic asset: data.”

Direct, low-latency interconnections to Google Cloud are available from 12 locations on Digital Realty’s global platform – in Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York in North America, and in Düsseldorf, Madrid, Marseille, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, and Zürich as well as two distinct locations in Frankfurt within EMEA. In addition, the Digital Realty Internet Exchange (DRIX) supports Google’s Direct Peering capabilities and dedicated access to multiple third-party Internet Exchanges on PlatformDIGITAL®, providing a direct path from on-premise networks to Google Cloud services. Digital Realty customers can also reach Google Cloud in 25 additional markets across the Americas, APAC and EMEA via virtual interconnections, providing another route for enterprises to deploy their critical infrastructure in close proximity to Google Cloud on PlatformDIGITAL.

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With direct access to network on-ramps to Google Cloud, Digital Realty customers benefit from the ability to rapidly build, iterate and deploy digital business applications on Google Cloud’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. Direct access to Google Cloud also offers significant cost advantages for outbound traffic between Google Virtual Private Cloud and customers’ existing on-premise IT resources. In addition, ease of API integration between customer infrastructure and Google Cloud simplifies management of critical services.

Direct connections to the cloud provide better speed, lower latency, higher reliability and security to enable greater performance and data throughput, a key advantage as datasets grow and the effects of data gravity become more pronounced. Data gravity is a megatrend redefining the way global 2000 enterprises approach future IT architectural models – and address issues such as data stewardship and localization. Digital Realty recently expanded its Data Gravity Index DGx ™ 1.5 to provide insights into the intensity and gravitational force of enterprise data growth across 53 global metros – including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Vienna – as well as 23 unique vertical industries. Learn more by visiting the Data Gravity Insights Hub.

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