Dimension X Launches to Build Metaverse Creator Platform

Dimension X Launches to Build Metaverse Creator Platform

$600k Pre-Seed Round Filled by New SIV Fund

Dimension X, Inc. announced the close of its pre-seed round of funding for $600,000. Startup Ignition Ventures (SIV), a new pre-seed fund in Utah filled the entire round.

“With more than 20 years of angel investing across more than 100 companies, I’m tuned into winners,” said John Richards, SIV’s managing partner. “And the stars seem to be well aligned. The founding team has several unfair advantages, and their platform strategy couldn’t be any better timed to capitalize on a gigantic opportunity at the front end of an evolving market. With our lean startup methodology, we are committed to helping this team to win big.”

“The emerging Metaverse presents a massive opportunity to improve how people train, educate, design, simulate, entertain and market,” said Scott Robertson, CEO of Dimension X. “However, creating immersive experiences today is still way too hard. We are dramatically simplifying the process just like WordPress did for website building, Figma did for interface design, and Unity did for game development. Dimension X is revolutionizing immersive experience creation and making it accessible to millions of new Metaverse creators.”

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“We have architected a Metaverse creator platform with simplicity, extensibility, and interoperability at its core,” said Kyle Ringgenberg, CTO of Dimension X. “Our technology enables creators and storytellers to build engaging experiences with drag-and-drop simplicity. Additionally, developers will realize significant efficiency using our APIs to push the limits of immersive experiences in new and unimagined ways.”

“Perhaps most exciting is the potential of the Metaverse to globally improve lives,” said Chris Keller, COO of Dimension X. “The immersive nature of experiences that can be built on our platform may dramatically accelerate learning by increasing engagement, repetition, and targeted training. Immersive technology may be the great equalizer that reduces the cost, time and distance barriers to achieve the ‘10,000 hours to Mastery’ rule.

This new funding will be used for the following initiatives:

  • Hire a world-class team of immersive developers, designers and product strategists
  • Develop the Metaverse creator platform
  • Gather, train and support the Metaverse Creators community.

Apart from the DimX Metaverse Creator platform, the company’s service arm has already begun creating immersive experiences for commercial clients including simulation software for the Christa McAuliffe Space Center and Telos University. DimX has developed flight simulation training software for Randon Aviation and its Flight School Manager platform. Additionally, DimX is contributing to a ‘seeing is believing’ experience that uses LiDAR technology to generate real-time-editable 3D digitally twins, for better client visualization.

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