HyperVerge Joins Leaders in NIST FRVT Paperless Travel Leaderboard

This test is the latest of recent facial recognition tests under the identification setting of 1:N that puts HyperVerge amongst the top in the industry and showcases its technology as a preference for authentication by face

HyperVerge, a Silicon Valley based AI company that provides identity verification solutions, recently announced that they ranked fourth globally for contactless travel of passengers in a tie with the first three algorithms on the National Institute of Standards (NIST) FRVT Paperless Travel leader board. This validates that HyperVerge’s facial recognition technology is among the most advanced in the market.

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Amongst Identity verification companies, HyperVerge is far ahead of its competition in all the geographies they operate in. Globally, it has surpassed some big companies like NTech Labs, Clearview AI, Incode and NEC. Their scores are currently tied with Paravision, SenseTime & VisionLabs. They rank 1st in India & SEA, 2nd in US & Europe, and 3rd outside China.

Apart from this benchmark, HyperVerge’s facial recognition systems can compare a face against hundreds of millions of records in real-time. These breakthroughs allow HyperVerge to power multiple use cases for their customers

  • As airports slowly move towards contactless travel for passengers, HyperVerge is well-suited to become a worldwide leader in kiosk-based self-check-in leveraging face biometrics. They have ranked in the top 10 globally on the “Visa Kiosk” leaderboard of FRVT 1:N, apart from ranking 4th on the Paperless travel leaderboard.
  • They can power entirely automated Pay-by-Face solutions at kiosks and retail outlets that necessitate incredibly high reliability.
  • Banks, digital lenders, securities & brokerages, crypto-exchanges can detect fraud with increased accuracy while onboarding new consumers.

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