Identity Digital Releases its First DNS Anti-Abuse Report

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The quarterly report, made possible by its Dynamic Defense service, demonstrates significant progress in mitigating domain abuse among its top-level domains (TLDs).

To promote awareness among registrars, trusted notifiers, and end users, Identity Digital™, a leader in connecting the online world with domain names and related technologies, very recently published its first (Q2) Anti-Abuse Report. The report shares data and statistics on DNS abuse within the registry operator’s TLD portfolio. The second (Q3) Anti-Abuse Report is slated to come out shortly as well.

The Anti-Abuse Report found that nearly 93% of the abuse cases identified in Q2 2022 involved phishing attacks, including homograph attacks, where bad actors register domains using visually similar characters to legitimate websites for nefarious purposes. Identity Digital automatically blocks homographic domain names, ensuring none of their variations can be registered.

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“We’re proud to publish our first Anti-Abuse Report that raises awareness on a wide range of DNS attacks and demonstrates significant progress in mitigating domain abuse within our TLD ecosystem,” says Akram Atallah, CEO of Identity Digital. “While overall quite rare, in cases of clear domain abuse, we aim to intervene as quickly as possible. Most of the harm is done in the first eight hours, so taking swift action is important. As a result of the Dynamic Defense initiative, we observe 55% mitigation of identified reports, within 24 hours of a report, which is five times faster than the 96 hours1 industry standard.”

The Identity Digital Dynamic Defense™ (DND) team has decades of experience dealing with DNS abuse, drafted industry-standard security frameworks, and are on the front lines of the fight against DNS abuse. Identity Digital acts upon specific, credible notices on serious abuse cases, including child sexual abuse materials, illegal online distribution of opioids, human trafficking, and specific and credible incitements to violence.

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