Nametag Announces New, Universal Vaccine Verification Platform:

The Company That Created the Safe, Everywhere ID Adds Offering to Help Users Prove Vaccination Status To Businesses; Responds to New COVID-19 Verification Measures, Launches

Today, Nametag  – the fast, safe, everywhere ID – launched a new offering called Powered by the same technology that helps keep your digital information safe by verifying people, not passwords, is a US-based platform that allows users to prove their vaccination status quickly and easily to businesses upon entry, right from their phones.

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Nametag was founded on the idea that the best way to improve security in the digital world is to build a new system that mirrors security in the physical world. Today, nearly all our high-value accounts and transactions occur online, and a simple password, username, and email are no longer strong enough to keep that valuable data safe. Nametag verifies a user truly is who they say they are by connecting a user to their government-issued ID.

It is critical we have access to an easy, reliable, and verified platform through which to share our vaccination status., a new offering from Nametag, uses the same ID-verification technology but goes one step further, connecting a verified user to their vaccine information, and displaying it in one easy screen. 

“Keeping our communities safe, whether online or in the real world, has never been more important,” says Aaron Painter, CEO and Founder of Nametag. “It is imperative that Americans have access to an easy, reliable, and verified platform through which they can share their vaccination status. And further, that businesses also have access to a streamlined system that increases their confidence that customers, employees, or students are vaccinated and they’re complying with Covid-19 indoor-vaccination mandates., powered by Nametag, does just that.”

Unlike existing vaccine verification platforms on the market, is unique in its universality. A user simply logs in with their Nametag profile, which is connected to their government-issued ID, and then follows a series of self-attestation prompts to list their vaccination status, along with uploading a photo of their vaccine card. This process generates a QR code and a unique URL users can either show to restaurants, gyms, theaters, and other indoor spaces upon arrival, or send along to the venue in advance that proves they have received their vaccine and are safe and compliant to enter.

“I visit New York frequently for work but was vaccinated in my home state, and it has been incredibly difficult for me and countless others to prove our vaccination status,” said Painter. “And this is not a problem unique to New York City. Why do existing vaccine verification platforms not work across state lines, request too much personal information, or aren’t linked to my ID? If I am just trying to prove my vaccination status, it should be much easier than this.”

Marketing Technology News: Analytic Partners Appoints Andy Gallagher As Vice President Of Client Engagement is excited to be one of the first privacy-preserving platforms on the market that helps users everywhere prove that they are authentically who they say they are and that their vaccination record is truly tied to their identity, all while never asking for additional medical or personal information. This platform, along with the Nametag app, never sells or mines user data. 

“In New York, you walk into a restaurant today and have to show your ID and your vaccination card. With our platform, you just hold up your phone and show the screen,” said Painter. “It’s the same way you download a mobile boarding pass at the airport after you’ve checked-in – one easy QR code that verifies your information,” said Painter. provides an easy way to show the requested vaccine verification information to businesses, all while also providing businesses an extra layer of certainty their customers are compliant with local, state, and federal vaccine mandates. 

With over twenty years of experience in the enterprise technology space, Painter is uniquely qualified to launch the next generation of identification, and now be a leader in the vaccination verification space. In building Nametag, Painter saw the need to put privacy first by giving both the consumer more control over sharing their personal information, and businesses the necessary infrastructure to build a more secure environment for their customers. As a veteran in the technology industry, Painter assembled a team of security professionals to first build Nametag, and now to launch A natural progression for Nametag, by offering this new vaccine verification feature, is working to answer today’s most urgent need – vaccine verification – with the technology and infrastructure to succeed at scale across markets.

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