Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains Polygon Network, and Identity and Access Management (IAM) start-up Hypersign will collaborate to bring decentralized identity and security to the global blockchain community.

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With blockchain technology and decentralized applications poised for mass adoption, there have been multiple problems slowing down growth. One challenge is that while Ethereum is the blockchain development platform of choice, it has limitations like low throughput, poor UX and no sovereignty. Adding to this are the security threats and privacy breaches that come with customer-facing applications that rely on third party authentications like OTP or social logins like Facebook or Google.

The Polygon-Hypersign partnership will solve for these two challenges by bringing the efficiencies of secure ID and access management to the decentralised ecosystem. In the first stage, the Hypersign team will deploy their DID layer on the Polygon Network, and provide support for the Polygon Network in the SSI SDK. This deployment would enable any team looking to use Polygon for the Identity layer to use the DID registry layer.

Arjun Kalsy, VP Growth at Polygon: “We’re pleased to work with Hypersign to supercharge Decentralized ID (DIDs) on Polygon, and we believe this is a strong first step to empowering users and protecting their privacy.”

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The collaboration will also enable users of the Polygon Network to access Hypersign’s password-less authentication, verification and authorization services. And on the other side, it will allow Hypersign users to access Polygon’s low-cost transaction functions.

Irfan Khan, Co-founder of Hypersign: “It’s an honor and a real pleasure to be working with Team Polygon to develop and deliver DID technology. Polygon has been instrumental in the mass adoption of decentralized applications and now they will outdo themselves again with bringing decentralized ID to everyone.”

Both companies envision a decentralized future in which people and machines collaborate and exchange value globally and freely, but with the highest grade of security and without the threat of data breaches. The two companies teaming up is a step towards making this vision a reality.

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