Vecteezy Implements Groundbreaking Identity Verification to Protect Creative Community

By verifying the identity of content contributors, the company ensures users can safely download authentic resources while supporting the true creators of each piece.

Vecteezy, one of the leading marketplaces for free vectors, stock photos, and 4K stock videos, has taken a significant step toward protecting creative contributors worldwide while safely providing users with genuine and authentic resources. This innovative technical solution systematically verifies the identity of all contributors who submit creative content to the marketplace.

By verifying identity, Vecteezy can minimize the possibility of fraudulent resource submissions. With the implementation of this groundbreaking technical solution, users and customers can be confident they’re getting authentic images and footage from verified artists — along with a bona fide license to use the original resource.

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At the end of the day, this is about taking a stand to support creators everywhere.

This move, which is effective immediately, is part of Vecteezy’s commitment to protect both artists and end-users on Vecteezy and beyond. Identity verification helps to drastically reduce the risk of creative theft, protecting creators’ valuable and original work.

Vecteezy’s Founder and CEO Shawn Rubel said, “We’ve rolled out ID verification because we will not tolerate even a single instance of fraud within our community. Taking this step to verify the identity of our contributors ensures that all of the resources on our website are genuine. It also protects our creative community — and even artists that don’t contribute to Vecteezy yet. At the end of the day, this is about taking a stand to support creators everywhere.”

All artists, designers, photographers, and videographers that contribute content to Vecteezy are now required to complete the verification process with an authorized document such as a government-issued ID. The technology is safe, secure, and handled by a third-party leader in the space of encrypted ID verification. It is the same technology used by major companies in the financial payments space, with state-of-the-art encryption built into each step. In addition, the third-party provider is SOC 2 Type II compliant, which is considered the highest level of security in the data protection industry.

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The technology goes beyond simply asking for photo verification. It matches several real-time photos with a legitimate form of ID. By capturing and calculating a “liveliness score,” the system prevents people from using pictures to fake the verification process.

Contributors will only need to dedicate a few minutes to the verification process. The process is automated, functions regardless of internet connection strength, and is also supported in dozens of different languages to ensure accessibility.

In situations where contributors do not have a verified government-issued ID, Vecteezy’s community team can assist with verification on a case-by-case basis.

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