YYK Enterprises Selects PortalGuard IAM Platform to Secure Data Access and Provide Passwordless Authentication

BIO-key International, Inc., an innovative provider of workforce and customer identity and access management (IAM) solutions featuring Identity-Bound Biometrics (IBB), today announced YYK Enterprises Operations, LLC (YYK), a provider of structural and mechanical repair/preservation services to the military and commercial maritime industries, has selected BIO-key’s PortalGuard® IAM platform, including WEB-key biometric authentication, to provide its workforce with strong authentication security to mission-critical applications and data.

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YYK sought a new IAM solution to improve authentication security and enhanced support of US Government security requirements for data and its encryption (e.g., NIST, FIPS). In addition to supporting these vital authentication security requirements, YYK needed a solution to improve user satisfaction by eliminating password fatigue and strengthening security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) options. With the PortalGuard IAM platform with WEB-key, YYK can now use biometric authentication to confirm the user’s true identity, not just the hardware device they are using, without injecting a more cumbersome or time-intensive MFA process, providing a passwordless login experience. Another win for the YYK team was to sole-source the complete solution from BIO-key, including using PIV-Pro fingerprint readers, which are BIO-key’s highly accurate FIPS 201 compliant scanner, providing the best in class biometric fingerprint authentication for its customers.

“Based on our search for an enterprise IAM solution that provided secure passwordless authentication and met US Government compliance requirements, we can validate the significant value provided by the PortalGuard IAM platform and biometric capabilities over other vendor solutions,” said William Elks, IT Manager, YYK Enterprises. “We are looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial partnership with BIO-key.”

“We are pleased to add YYK to our community of customers that support both military and commercial customers,” said Mark Cochran, President of BIO-key – PortalGuard.   “Our team has extensive experience enabling government agencies and their contractor partners to meet the challenges of an evolving threat landscape while cost-effectively securing their operations.”

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