Location Based Marketing Association (The LBMA) Announces New Global Advisory Board

The LBMA‘s RetailLoco East conference in Atlanta, GA, the Location Based Marketing Association (The LBMA), the leading global trade association for marketers and technology solution providers leveraging the power of location and contextual data, announced the appointment of several new members to its Global Advisory Board.

Asif R. Khan – Founder and President – The LBMA (Chairman of the Board)

Cami Zimmer – EVP, Business Development & Marketing – Glympse

Nicolas Rieul – Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer – S4M

Janette Smrcka – IT Director – Mall of America

Gary Schwartz – Co-Founder & Managing Director – Pegasus Fintech

Denise McKenzie – Executive Director, Communication & Outreach – Open Geospatial Consortium

Filip Eldic – Co-Founder & Executive Director – Bluedot Innovation

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This new board will focus the organization on continued global expansion, research and aid in closing the gap between government, business and the consumer application of location intelligence, advertising data and the sensorfication of our world.

“I’m truly excited about this group of world-class business leaders in our industry coming together to help set our agenda and take us forward for the next few years.  The diversity of organizations represented is unparalleled and will take us in new directions heretofore untouched by any trade association on the planet,” Asif R. Khan, Founder & President, The LBMA

“It’s an honor to join LBMA’s Global Advisory Board in shaping the future of location. As we become an ever more digital, mobile connected world, it’s critical for marketers to tap into the rich context that location provides,” Filip Eldic, Co-Founder, Bluedot Innovation

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“I am honored to have been selected to be a member of the LBMA Global Advisory Board. The location-based marketing industry is growing rapidly; it’s an exciting time to be in this field. I look forward to taking the decade of real-time location sharing knowledge that we have at Glympse and helping LBMA innovate and grow at great lengths to continue to generate collaboration and opportunities for member companies.”  Cami Zimmer – EVP, Business Development & Marketing, Glympse

“Since the LBMA launched, the location data of people, products and processes has become invaluable. From blockchain, AI to IoT Asif and the global team are helping shape an increasing number of industries.” Gary Schwartz – Co-Founder & Managing Director – Pegasus Fintech

The Location Based Marketing Association is an international group dedicated to fostering research, education and collaborative innovation at the intersection of people, places and media. Our goal is to educate, share best practices, establish guidelines for growth and to promote the services of member companies to brands and other content-related providers.

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