Anvil Launches Workflows to Automate Complex Webs of Paperwork

Workflows will put an end to high-friction paperwork and PDF processes for businesses of every size

Anvil, a paperwork automation platform, today launched Workflows, a no-code tool that helps companies remove the complexity and frustration from paperwork and endless PDFs. Anvil’s Workflows transform PDFs (or sets of PDFs) into digital webforms that streamline digital data collection, select the appropriate documents to complete, prepare those documents, request signatures, and finally share the completed, signed PDFs and data wherever they need to go – all from a single, secure link.

Using Workflows

Anvil Workflows automate all parts of document process management, from requesting data to document preparation to e-signatures and data integrations that eliminate data-entry. The tool employs a powerful logic engine to ensure that interlinked forms are filled out properly and repetitive entries of the same information on multiple documents are eliminated. This means no email back-and-forth, fewer mistakes, less frustration, and more time to spend on important matters.

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“From processing mortgages to documenting medical treatments, a host of industries are plagued with complicated forms that require intensive resources just to keep straight,” said Anvil’s Co-Founder & CEO Mang-Git Ng. “At Anvil we’re on a mission to tackle this morass of paperwork to help businesses minimize errors, ensure compliance, and do away with repetitively filling out the same information on document after document.”

Anvil Workflows are powerful yet simple to create. The Anvil workflow creator is designed to give non-technical employees the power of programming all from an intuitive interface. Now every team has the ability to build digital native, mobile-friendly experiences that replace conventional paperwork processes.

Anvil also integrates with Zapier to make sharing data to your other business applications a breeze. Users can automatically save signed documents to shared drives, sync data into their CRMs, or notify employees of a new submission. If more power and flexibility is needed, a robust API is available for developers to have fine-tuned control over the workflow and integration. Many technology companies give their employees with subject matter expertise the ability to create workflows and then integrate the workflows directly into their product.

“[Newfront Insurance] considered many document automation platforms, but Anvil was the one platform that could handle the complexities of insurance documents,” said Aaron Forth, Chief Product Officer. “Generating PDF documents is one thing, but being able to handle the logic and rules around an entire set of insurance forms, while providing a flexible API for integration, is what makes Anvil stand out as the clear solution.”

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