GRUBBRR, the commerce automation company at the vanguard of self-ordering technologies, has recently made the move into their innovative new office space that rivals that of the world’s most advanced technology companies. With over fifty thousand square feet of office space, including an indoor basketball court, product showroom, indoor nature park, and “Restaurant of the Future” interactive space, GRUBBRR’s new office fosters both innovation and collaboration. The move follows two and a half years of explosive growth in both company size and revenue, and exemplifies the company’s continued success.

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“GRUBBRR has always been at the forefront of industry trends, and it was time for our office space to reflect our forward-thinking approach to business,” said CEO Sam Zietz.

“GRUBBRR has always been at the forefront of industry trends, and it was time for our office space to reflect our forward-thinking approach to business,” said CEO Sam Zietz. “Our previous space served us well over the years, but for a long time we’ve desired a space that places more value on a positive office culture. The goal is to attract and retain world-class employees, and our new headquarters is more than up to the task.”

Located at 1081 Holland Drive in Boca Raton, employees can now use the self-ordering technology they work on every day as they enjoy a meal in the innovative new lunchroom with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. At the Micro Market, employees can select from a plethora of snacks and beverages, available at all times. To check out, they simply place the items on a table where a kiosk-camera captures an image and records the price and quantity of each item and completes the transaction completely hands-free.

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In the nature park, East-facing windows allow for an abundance of natural light to reach the office interior, and at the center of the park is a hanging tree art installation. Employees can relax on the grass, or work and eat at the tables in the park for a welcome change of scenery. Overlooking the park is a unique “green” conference room with natural wood and plant walls, open to employees for meetings or collaboration at any time.

Arguably the favorite feature amongst employees is the new basketball court, built to NCAA regulations. During breaks and on Friday afternoons, employees can be found putting up shots, playing pickup, or watching the action from the bleachers. The basketball court also doubles as a “town hall” space for company-wide meetings, fostering team camaraderie.

Technologically equipped group breakout rooms allow for easy in-person collaboration on group projects, while private office spaces allow for employees to work diligently and efficiently. Both quality and speed are essential core values at GRUBBRR, and the capability for different working styles makes the office space at GRUBBRR conducive to maintaining these core values.

“We believe our new office and amenities foster an environment where employees can cultivate positive connections with their colleagues, generate growth and elevate productivity,” Zietz said. “Our workspace now reflects the creativity, originality and ambition of our team. This building is a living embodiment of our core values, which we hope inspires our team to embrace them each day.”

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