Meta Spatial Is Ready For The Next Step After The Seed Sale And Private Sale

Meta Spatial is happy to announce that we have successfully concluded both our Seed Sales and Private Sales for this incredibly massive and ambitious immersive exploration project. For everyone in our team at Spatial Studio, it is important that we get the underlying concepts and technologies fleshed out as much as possible. We hope to find partners all around the world who share our passion and vision and work together with them to improve our knowledge, techniques, and strategies.

Thankfully, we have had the opportunity to shake hands with great partners who are interested in making our vision come true, including big fund names in the DeFi space, such as Basics Capital, Icetea Labs, RedKite, Gamefi, Master Ventures, ZBS Capital, AU21 Capital, X21, Polygon, AV Star, etc. and over 70 other partners.

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About the Meta Spatial Project

Inspired by classic sci-fi novels in video games and films, the Spatial Studio has researched and developed Meta Spatial, a Metaverse virtual universe that can send the players into grand adventures across many realms, connected by a virtual bridge called the Spatial Portal. The universes in Meta Spatial consist of two main realms, the Spatial Moon, and the Spatial Galaxy, both are developed stage-by-stage via understanding ideas from the community, especially the DAO community.

Meta Spatial will provide users with the most extensive and authentic experiences by creating unlimitedly different spaces and applying XR – Virtual Reality and Extended Reality Technology in the Meta Spatial ecosystem. Our entire concept relies heavily on immersing users in a virtual world that feels tangible and realistic. To make our vision of a grand Metaverse become a reality, the Spatial Studio team incorporated VR, AR, and MR technologies into the creation of both the Spatial Moon and the Spatial Galaxy. These simulated environments are designed through specialized software, displayed through computer screens or virtual reality glasses to provide a realistic experience for viewers like they were in that space.

Meta Spatial is an ambitious project, taking advantage of the Metaverse concept and VR/AR technologies. But most importantly, it is a project that is based around building a DAO community that grows with the game itself. Meta Spatial wouldn’t be complete without your help.

What we have achieved through our Seed Sales and Private Sales

In order to fulfill our goal in creating the Meta Spatial dream, Spatial Studio needed to look for investors interested in our vision and concept. Our Seed and Private Sales rounds were organized to attract strategic partners to provide support for the development of the platform.

This initial burst of funding will allow Meta Spatial to eventually be developed into a platform that can self-sustain through our player base, with its own economy and governance.

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How The Community Will Become an Essential Part of Meta Spatial

We truly want to turn Meta Spatial into more than just a game, but a truly immersive social experience, where players become inhabitants, interacting and journeying together just like in real life. That is why we are planning to develop a DAO Community for our game, turning players into voters as well. The more you are involved with our game, the more influence you can have over how you want Meta Spatial to develop.

DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” With the most important Smart Contracts and Assets in our hand, we can truly incorporate a living experience into Meta Spatial. Through our built-in SPAT wallet, Meta Spatial can truly become autonomous, and various activities and initiatives on the Meta Spatial platform can be run by our community without any centralized control. The community will propose and vote on policy updates, future feature developments, and allow-lists for NFTs contracts to appear in the game. Voting will be executed in the admin interface of the Meta Spatial DAO.

Playing and earning in Meta Spatial

The two factors that allow you to contribute to the growth and development of both Meta Spatial and yourself are the SPAT token and the GSTA token. The more you play and progress, the more tokens you can earn to purchase assets in the game and truly build a sense of ownership. Furthermore, owning tokens means securing yourself the right to vote for changes in the game.

Meta Spatial provides ample opportunities for you to enrich your fortune through exploration, PvP, and PvE activities. There will be daily as well as weekly missions, both solo and team-based, that you can complete to mine more SPAT and GSTA into your wallet. The game’s economy will develop based on our players’ needs, though we also incorporate anti-inflation measures to keep pricing reasonable.

In cooperation with D.lion, Meta Spatial is growing stronger.

Meta Spatial is growing exponentially and we are not doing this alone. Besides our funding partners, we have reached a strong bond with D.lion Media & Solutions as our strategic partner. The partnership’s mission is to enhance the growth of the project and our community. The enthusiasm and passion we put into Meta Spatial have displayed the values we want to bring to the world, with the most amazing project!

Through our successful Seed and Private Sales, we believe that our Meta Spatial dream is coming closer to becoming realized. Taking advantage of the Metaverse concept, we are confident that we can bring the Gamefi revolution to more users out there, changing the way you play games, and how ownership is incorporated into games.

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