Advangelists and Mobiquity Technologies Close Merger, Immediately Launch Audience Analysis Product for Programmatic Marketers

Merger of Two Companies Rapidly Generates a First-Of-Its-Kind Real-Time Audience Analysis and Ad Targeting Product

Advangelists, LLC completed the merger with Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. Within 24 hours of signing, the two companies demonstrated their prowess by releasing a first-of-its-kind location media inventory analyzer and targeting product for programmatic media markets.

The new product feature set is code-named “Savitr,” the Sanskrit word describing the sun at first light, just prior to rising above the horizon. Savitr can also be a reference to speed and motion. The team chose this name to represent the dawning partnership between the merged companies, as well as the speed in which the teams were able to create a new joint product.

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“Project Savitr highlights the industry-changing potential merging two companies of this nature can yield,” said Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity. “We didn’t expect to launch a product so rapidly. Instead, it happened organically as our complimentary technologies and agile working principles created a unique opportunity. I firmly believe that our merged companies are uniquely positioned to lead innovation in this space.”

Using the Mobiquity Places POI data that was released just last week, the Advangelists tech team built the new feature to analyze available audiences in real time and allow marketers to make strategic decisions about targeting opportunities based on industry, sector and brand.  The new product feature is available exclusively through the Advangelists platform. Savitr allows marketers to not only analyze the potential number of mobile application and web users within 5.5 Million predefined locations including 4000 retail chains, but to subsequently target them with contextually relevant advertising. Upon completion of the campaign, advertisers can also review detailed performance measure by physical location.

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“Advertisers can now immediately understand the size and reach of a media opportunity targeting their in-store customers, or evaluate a competitive media conquesting opportunity,” said Lokesh Mehta, CTO Advangelists. “And with the measurement tool, we give them immediate insight into how those campaigns perform.”

Advangelists CEO Deep Katyal added, “Watching the two CTO’s build Savitr together was an inspiring experience.  Our combined product roadmap seeks to establish leadership in every programmatic category.”

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