Appcast, the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology and services, announced the launch of Recruitonomics™. Powered by Appcast’s team of experts using its world-class data set, the Recruitonomics insights hub is a new resource for business leaders to gain a deeper understanding of how the economy is rapidly shaping talent acquisition and glean actionable insights to support their business goals. Recruitonomics features timely, relevant and data-driven multimedia content that examines the impact of macro- and micro-economic trends on recruitment and the broader business landscape.

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Employers and hiring professionals have been struggling to navigate one of the toughest labor markets in recent history – compounded by intense competition from other hiring organizations. Recruiters are also grappling with record-high inflation, a war in Eastern Europe and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Developed by Appcast’s team of recruitment experts, data analysts and labor economists, Recruitonomics empowers business leaders to make sense of the evolving labor market in order to embrace change, attract top talent and rise above uncertain economic conditions.

“Recruitonomics’ goal is to link recruitment to a data-driven understanding of the broader economy, breaking down complex economic issues in an interesting and easy-to-understand way,” said Andrew Flowers, labor economist at Appcast and research director at Recruitonomics. “We’re confident the Recruitonomics insights hub will become a unique, go-to source for talent acquisition and business leaders seeking context and insights on economic patterns and how they impact recruiting.”

Currently home to a diverse range of blogs, articles, infographics and more, initial topics discussed on Recruitonomics include:

  • Recruitment marketing benchmark metrics for Q1 2022
  • The impact of a hot housing market on the state of recruiting
  • How remote work is here to stay
  • The not so Great Resignation
  • A boom in labor supply as job seekers return to the labor market

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