ASI’s 2022 Ad Impressions Study Definitively Proves Promo’s Influence Nationwide

The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI), the largest membership organization in the $23.2 billion promotional products industry, today released the 2022 edition of its annual Ad Impressions Study, the industry’s most useful and significant research report.

Sourced from surveys of nearly 40,000 consumers, ASI’s nationwide study provides invaluable insight into the logoed promotional products, aka swag, that resonate most with end-users. Essentially, the study measures which products are most influential, meaning which products given away or sold to a consumer will most influence them to do business with an advertiser.

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Promotional products are logoed or branded items like pens, T-shirts and mugs the biggest companies and organizations in the world typically give away to promote a company, brand or event, or to thank or attract clients and employees. For the 2022 Oscars, nominees and hosts were given swag bags filled with a variety of products with a total value of over $137,000, ranging from popcorn packages and tea sets to home renovations and nights at a luxurious resort.

“ASI’s research reports provide incredible value to the promo industry, especially during times of economic stress, when consumers want hard proof of the enduring power of promo products,” said ASI CEO Timothy M. Andrews. “Thanks to at-a-glance graphics, sales reps can quickly, easily determine which products are the most effective to pitch to clients, down to the age, sex and region of end-users.”

The 2022 ad study identified the top five promo products for all 50 states and Washington, D.C., as well as six U.S. regions. Plus, the study breaks down product popularity in those regions, along with demographic preferences.

Highlights include:

  • Top five most influential promo products in the U.S.: Outerwear, performance wear, masks, health and safety, polo shirts.
  • Top five most influential products among consumers aged 25-34: Performance wear, outerwear, writing instruments, bags, health and safety.
  • Products more influential in the Southeast than in any other region: desk accessories, bags and T-shirts.

For over a decade, ASI’s continuously updated study has armed the promo industry with powerful data proving promo items deliver commanding advertiser recall among 85% of consumers surveyed, with recall highest for apparel items.

Plus, previous versions of the study have proven promo products offer a strong rate of return on investment (ROI), with the cost per impression (CPI) as low as 1/10 of one cent, making logoed items attractive choices for smaller businesses lacking large advertising and marketing budgets. And, when compared to newspaper, radio, magazine, television, internet and mobile advertising, ASI’s study has shown that promo products are the most highly regarded form of advertising.

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