Vurbl Audio Streaming Platform Releases ‘Top 10’ Categories of Podcasts To Discover in 2022

At a time where there are more audio and podcast options than ever, one platform is dedicated to helping listeners discover and enjoy the best in audio entertainment across all genres. Vurbl, the creator-centric audio streaming platform with over 500 categories of audio entertainment, is sharing Their Top Picks for 2022.

“Our goal with our Top Picks is to provide listeners with a really good sampling of audio from many genres, from which they can build a dynamic playlist for 2022. We know listeners have limited time for discovery. That’s one of the reasons Vurbl exists,” states Vurbl founder and CEO, Audra Gold.

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Listeners can kick back and relax to a rich smorgasbord of audio entertainment experiences far beyond, but including our traditional notion of a “podcast.” — 10 carefully curated playlists—each containing 21 podcasts to preview and add to one’s personal 2022 audio lineup.

The Top Picks is a combination of listener favorites and audio that’s trending upward, as informed by Vurbl’s proprietary AI/ML technology.

“These audio creators killed it in 2021, and we also believe they will break out big in 2022. Simply put, these should be on your short list of what to listen to in the New Year,” says Alex Sargeant, Head of Creator Labs at Vurbl.


Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse
2021 was the year of cryptocurrency, the NFT, and the beginning of the shift to the Metaverse (just ask Facebook… sorry, Meta). If you’re looking for new podcasts examining the digital marketplace, these are the top podcasts for learning more about the Metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens, and cryptocurrency.

True Crime
Indulge in your fascination for real crimes and investigations with the most disturbing, puzzling, and downright spine-chilling true crime podcasts from 2021. These are the podcasts covering the most appalling criminal stories, mind-boggling disappearances, and downright unsettling true crimes from recent history.

Listen to your favorites like My Favorite Murder, Dateline, Over My Dead Body, and more.

Relaxing Audio Experience
Listen to our top most relaxing audio episodes, music, ASMR, and ambient sounds. Enjoy everything from rain sounds, ambient study music, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, soothing bedtime stories, relaxing ASMR, guided meditations, and so much more. Whether you’re looking to meditate, fall asleep, or just want to put some soothing sounds on in the background, this is the perfect playlist for you.

Listen to a short collection of the most hilarious comedy clips from the world of podcasting. Hear your familiar comedian’s riff on a few of the most gut-busting bits from the funniest podcasts out there or discover something new. After hearing these snippets, be sure to check out the full episodes and subscribe to your favorites!

Best New Podcasts
2021 brought us some of the best new podcasts we’ve ever heard. This is a rare playlist where no matter what episode you listen to, you’re sure to be taken on a journey.

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Seth Rogan, slime mold, spies, Selena, Alison Bechdel, Cathy comics revisited, reality TV breakdowns, pop culture commentary, and the world of wellness reimagined.

Get your headphones on and prepare your skin for goosebumps because we’ve combed through the data and this is a list of the top 21 ASMR episodes.

Walks in the snow, eye exams, rain on umbrellas, whispered fiction, and even ASMR Office episode recaps to help you sleep.

Listen to this collection of some of our favorite TikTok podcast moments and episodes! Explore interviews with some of the biggest TikTok stars, TikTok growth marketing and content strategy, TikTok trends analysis, and much, much more. Enjoy!

No matter what sport you follow, there is sure to be a show you love on this playlist of the best sports podcasts. Listen to in-depth analysis of recent games, the latest news surrounding players, and all the general industry discussions every sports fan loves.

Listen to the best podcasts within the world of entertainment. Enjoy film reviews, TV show analyses, and all the latest talk about pop culture and industry news. Brush up on the most entertaining topics currently exciting the world with this playlist from Vurbl.

Dungeons & Dragons
Get out your character sheets, warm up that twenty-sided die, toss on your headphones and get ready to roll into the best D&D Podcasts to look forward to in 2022.

Critical Role, Dark Dice, The Adventure Zone, Dames and Dragons, Asians Represent, High Rollers DnD, Dragon Talk, The Broadswords, Hello From The Magic Tavern, and Dungeons and Daddies going on dog quest.

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