Gravity Software Announces Major Accounting Software Enhancements

Gravity’s Version 5 Includes Bill of Materials for Light Manufacturing Module and Value Added Tax Functionality

Gravity Software (Gravity), a robust mid-market cloud accounting solution written on the Dynamics 365 (aka Microsoft CRM) platform, announced its latest release, Version 5 (v.5) of its popular application. Two of the major enhancements include Bill of Materials for Light Manufacturing and Value-Added Taxes (VAT) for international users.

Gravity’s v.5 has over 30 major enhancements to the application centered around improving the user’s experience, enhancing the inventory-based functions and positioning the application for international users.

“We are excited to introduce Gravity Software v.5, with many of the enhancements requested by our clients,” said John Silvani, President & CEO of Gravity. “We will continue to position Gravity as the number one cloud-based accounting solution for companies that have outgrown entry level applications like QuickBooks.”

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Gravity v.5’s new features include:

  • Bill of Materials for Light Manufacturers (Inventory Assembly capabilities)
  • Create and Manage Sales Kits
  • Serial, Lot and Lot with Expiration Date Inventory Tracking
  • Value Added Taxes Calculations in Purchasing, Expenses and Invoicing
  • Customer Collections Dashboard to Manage Overdue Invoices
  • Enhanced Bank Download Capabilities
  • Enhanced Financial Reporting
  • Expanded Data Entry Screens

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Gravity v.5 provides middle market companies with features only available in enterprise applications at a much lower price and in an easy to use format.

“Our users have told us that Gravity has been a cornerstone in their organizations growth,” said Silvani, “Version 5 will continue to help out clients achieve new levels of efficiency.”

As businesses grow, they need a strong accounting system like Gravity.  Gravity can consolidate data, making it easy to find and extract even the smallest bit of information. And with real-time insights into all lines of business, you can make better informed decisions.

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