Helios Data Taps Andy Hepburn as Strategic Market Director, Advertising

New strategic appointment at intersection of privacy and advertising technology will help clients and partners benefit from the industry’s leading proactive data sharing security solution

Helios Data, the leading provider of the industry’s only data sharing software solutions to preempt breach incidents for data rich companies and their partners, announced that Andy Hepburn has joined the company as Strategic Market Director, Advertising. Hepburn will now be working across the organization to lend his integrated advertising and data privacy expertise and assist with key partners and clients.

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Hepburn was most recently General Counsel of Sizmek, a global advertising technology platform acquired by Amazon. Previously he held in-house legal roles at Sony Mobile, EquaTerra, Liaison Technologies, and Georgia-Pacific.

“Andy is a widely trusted privacy expert with years of in-house ad tech industry experience, spanning three decades, who is uniquely able to understand the strategic and pragmatic value of ensuring data safety in a wholly proactive way,” said CEO Dr. Fei Zou. “No one else is doing what we are doing for data safety, and Andy gets that. Andy understands that most data sharing contracts are 100% reactive and do nothing to protect partners from having a breach in the first place. He also understands that anonymization techniques like encryption or masking, while they may protect the data, are costly to implement, and also introduce noise to the underlying data and degrade their resulting processing insights. Totally aligned with our vision, he has a grasp on the cost efficiencies of eliminating data partnership risk from the get-go, when companies engage, partner, and share data.”

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Hepburn will be speaking in Helios Data’s inaugural webinar, Mind the Gap, as part of its new webinar series on shared data privacy issues and how they affect both data controllers and analytics partners on September, 14, 2021 at 10am PT.

“Helios Data delivers a unique technology solution to preempt breach incidents from ever happening at all. Other players fall well short of this approach. With what Helios calls preemptive privacy by design, the solution offers an advanced digital framework that embeds a digitized version of the data governance terms and conditions of partners’ legal agreements in the data sharing process,” shared Hepburn. “This new approach exists as a ‘smart digital contract’ integrated within a trusted collaboration container, a secure enclave, with a pre-tested algorithm that processes data only according to the agreed upon data governance terms and conditions. There’s a lot more to share about this and why it’s important, but this is where the industry must go, and Helios is leading the way. We’ll be getting into this in our upcoming webinar next week.”

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