IDM Group Adds New Online Advertising and Header Bidding Management Tools

IDM Group continues to expand its advertising and header bidding technology and services, with new integrated real-time reporting and anonymous audience profiling.

Working with many leading publishers, IDM is not only tasked with providing editorial and content delivery solutions but also maximizing revenue. It is this unique insight which drives IDM’s understanding of the challenges publishers face. The result is an ad strategy designed around the strengths of both your content and audience.

Part of IDM’s advertising services and technology includes real-time transparent performance metrics via a dashboard.  Additional reporting can be added from other tools to deliver a customized integrated dashboard with vital information of interest to publishers in one central place. IDM also offers a real-time audience profiling engine for packaging of ad inventory and for taking direct marketing actions (coupons, targeted ads, or specific questionnaires, etc.)

“Our experience in content creation and management solutions provides us with a more thorough approach when helping publishers maximize their revenue – something our clients benefit from and appreciate,” said Vincent Lannoy, Chief Operating Officer, IDM Group. “Our approach has always been to find the untapped strength in a publisher’s content and leverage that strength for maximum revenue.”

If you have an existing ad strategy and are looking to maximize revenue or are just starting out, IDM provides solutions tailored to your environment. From header bidding to reporting and audience engagement, our goal is to deliver a better and more rewarding experience for not only the publisher but their audience as well.