Marin Software Streamlines Transition to Google’s Parallel Tracking

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Customers Expected to See Faster Page Load Time and Improved Ad Campaign Performance

Marin Software, a leading provider of digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, is helping clients navigate the transition to Google’s parallel tracking. Parallel tracking will be required for all Google Ads Search Network and Shopping campaigns beginning on October 30, 2018—with the goal of helping landing pages load more quickly, leading to increased conversions and improved ad performance.

As an independent third party that optimizes search campaigns on behalf of its clients, Marin Software will offer uninterrupted conversion measurement as parallel tracking becomes required.

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  • URL Builder: Marin Software’s URL Builder allows for easy migration to parallel tracking. With Marin Software’s guidance, customers using Google Ads accounts will need to make changes to their Final URL, Tracking URL and Final URL Suffix fields.
  • Enabling AMP Landing Pages: Parallel tracking eliminates redirects that prevent AMP landing pages from achieving near instant load times, substantially improving the user’s experience and therefore ad performance.
  • Reduce Tracking Limitations of Redirects: Marin Software offers seamless support for various link decoration and landing page tracking systems, ensuring any redirects will continue to work smoothly.

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“At the end of the day, parallel tracking will improve the user experience, especially on mobile pages,” says Chris Lien, CEO of Marin Software. “We know that 53 percent of mobile website visits are abandoned if a site takes longer than three seconds to load. Marin Software seeks to facilitate a smooth transition for each of our customers running campaigns on Google Ads, ultimately helping them to increase conversions.”

“By moving from a sequential to parallel tracking method, online consumers can reach and engage with websites more quickly, reducing wasted ad spend and increasing conversions for companies running ads through Google,” says Anurag Agarwal, Google Vice President of Engineering. “Partnering with Marin Software is key as we want to integrate their technology with our new tool, ensuring tracking capabilities are uninterrupted.”

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