Triplelift Unveils Triplelift Audiences, a Cross-Site Targeting Solution Without the Reach Limits and Data Costs of Id-Based Alternatives

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TripleLift Audiences, powered by first-party data, enables advertisers to outperform cookie-based tactics.

TripleLift, a leading advertising technology company, unveils a bold solution for advertisers to reach customers on the open internet.

Made possible by TripleLift’s acquisition of the first-party data-platform 1plusX, TripleLift Audiences is a unique offering that delivers cross-site audiences without the use of cross-site identifiers. Across brands and verticals, testing has shown that TripleLift Audiences regularly matches or exceeds the performance of cookies, delivering broader reach, not limited by browser or device. Through TripleLift Audiences, campaigns can perform at scale across the premium web without having to worry about the fate of third-party cookies or rising data fees.

“Cookies are going away. Getting ahead of that deadline with TripleLift Audiences is a critical part of readiness.”

Commenting on the timeliness of TripleLift’s solution, Raptive’s chief strategy officer, Paul Bannister said: “Google’s most recent delay to third-party cookie deprecation is only a small lifeline for publishers and advertisers that haven’t fully adopted new cookieless solutions. Cookies are going away, and getting ahead of that deadline with solutions like TripleLift Audiences is a critical part of readiness.”

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Less cost, greater reach and performance

Unlike other targeting solutions in the market today, TripleLift Audiences adds no extra costs, resulting in significant return of funds to advertisers’ ad budgets which were previously dedicated to buying targeting segments. By switching to TripleLift Audiences, advertisers have the potential to refocus this budget towards lowering their effective CPMs or dedicate more of their budgets to working media.

Additionally, TripleLift Audiences is incredibly easy-to-use as it leverages the same deal-based buying mechanisms that advertisers are used to via the buyer’s DSP of choice. Switching to TripleLift Audiences does not require extensive training or learning curves, meaning that campaign success can be achieved almost from day one of introduction.

TripleLift Audiences works in every browser environment, whether an ID is present or not. According to a recent report conducted by TripleLift and published in association with AdAge, 47% of the open web doesn’t have an ID. Despite this, almost all other targeting solutions rely on the presence of an ID, which results in the inability for advertisers to effectively target their audiences. TripleLift Audiences closes this gap by ensuring that targeting can be leveraged across the entire web. The result? Massive potential gains in incremental audience and reach.

A new signal for success: TripleLift Audiences’ technology

Unlike traditional audience targeting solutions, TripleLift Audiences leverages Artificial Intelligence that powers the first-party DMP 1plusX to build cross-site audiences at the content level, ensuring more durable and privacy-friendly targeting strategies. Then, combining insights from content across the web with first-party user engagement patterns, TripleLift Audiences predicts audience segments for impressions lacking IDs or for those with newly observed IDs. This results in TripleLift Audience’s unique ability to predict cross-site audience memberships based on the content being consumed, even in the absence of IDs.

These capabilities allow TripleLift Audiences to analyze content and user interactions on a per-publisher basis in real-time, creating audience segments based on content engagement rather than intrusive tracking methods. The technology also ensures segments are updated in real-time based on consumer behavior, offering up-to-date data, maximized scale, and improved relevance. TripleLift Audiences optimizes the data supply chain for a modern, privacy-forward, first-party data powered open Internet.

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This revolutionary approach enables:

  • Scalability and audience reach, increasing the potential scale for targeted audiences in ID-constrained environments compared to traditional methods
  • Improved privacy protection for consumers and advertisers alike compared to traditional models
  • First-party data matches and lookalikes – TripleLift Audiences can find exact matches of customers based on RampID or ID5 IDs. Additionally, TripleLift Audiences can do this across all publishers simultaneously
  • Incredible ease-of-use and – we will say it again – the elimination of data fees

Over 50 major brands are already tapping into the power of TripleLift Audiences. “What convinces advertisers to trial TripleLift Audiences is the incredible ease-of-use,” explained Dave Clark, CEO of TripleLift. “The death of the cookie has many concerned that new targeting solutions will add extra cost or complexity to campaigns, but TripleLift Audiences has removed this fear while simultaneously expanding potential for greater efficiency and reach.”

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