Groupeasy, the powerful, all-in-one software solution for group communication, collaboration and scheduling, today officially launched as the company scales to meet the needs of groups seeking an easier way to engage members through one multifaceted web application.

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At the end of the day, our mission is focused on empowering groups to lead, thrive and grow, and we are excited to be that accessible, affordable and straightforward solution for Groupeasy members.

Groupeasy solves the communication, organization and data scatter problems faced by groups of every shape and size with powerful, straight-forward software that contains just the right amount of process and structure to ensure groups thrive. Designed, architected, and engineered by local Huntersville-based founders, Dawn and Joe Hewitt, Groupeasy is built with the needs of sustained community groups and small and medium-sized businesses top of mind.

“As active group leaders and participants for nearly four-decades of our lives, we witnessed the underperformance of groups when over-relying on e-mail and single-purpose web applications that created inefficient processes and scattered information, and knew there had to be a simpler, yet powerful way to better organize and communicate within groups,” said Co-Founder and CEO Dawn Hewitt. “With our complimentary backgrounds in process engineering and information technology, my husband and I saw the opportunity for an affordable, yet easy to use, web-based application for making group stuff easy and accessible from any device while being respectful of user privacy.”

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Validated by the investments social media and tech companies are making in the group software market, Groupeasy is designed specifically for groups and small businesses that have limited budgets and minimal technical resources yet are intended to grow and sustain a long-term membership. The web-based application removes the administrative burdens associated with group management and provides leaders and its members more time to advance the purpose of their groups. Groupeasy reduces information scatter resulting from multiple, standalone apps by offering users nine, integrated, group-essential apps that work seamlessly with video conference applications.

“During our careers in process engineering and software development, we witnessed the adoption of web-based applications for users and the rise of in-app advertising for monetization of those apps,” said Co-Founder and COO Joe Hewitt. ”Yet, we couldn’t find an easy to use and powerful application that would bring group management into the current millenia without breaking the bank nor compromising data privacy. Groupeasy is now that powerful yet simple to use application that respects user privacy by never selling data and allows users to decide how much information they want to share with other members.”

The advertisement-free web application embraces an affordable subscription-based model, including a free option, and never sells or shares user data. The protection of user-submitted data, while providing an option for anonymous users in groups that require discretion, is ensured and makes the application a turnkey solution for group therapy programs.

“Throughout our testing and beta-launch period, we received enthusiastic encouragement and support from our active members,” continued Dawn Hewitt. ”At the end of the day, our mission is focused on empowering groups to lead, thrive and grow, and we are excited to be that accessible, affordable and straightforward solution for Groupeasy members.”

This SaaS tool streamlines interactions for groups, including non-profits, faith-based organizations, community alliances, small-to-medium sized businesses, sports leagues, and a variety of niche interest groups, and is designed to effortlessly scale to match the group’s needs through tiered membership pricing.

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